We're pregnant (again)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

After posting all that getting back in shape goals last week, here I am posting about being pregnant. I took a few home pregnancy tests few days ago which all came back positive (you can never believe your eyes after just one) and decided to visit the doctor this weekend for the confirmation. But then I had spotting and some contractions at the middle of the week so we went off to see the doctor immediately. Then I was requested to undergo the TVS (ultrasound) to check the condition of the pregnancy.

According to my ob, it is still in the early stage which was less than 5 weeks and they are not yet sure if it is a healthy pregnancy so we just have to observe first and then repeat the scan after 2 weeks. In the ultrasound result, the yolk sac is visible but the fetus isn't yet. I know that this is a delicate time of development so we need all your prayers.

We are thinking positive and hoping that things will get better soon.


::K:: said...

Wow!!! Congrats Jenny! You have my prayers. Matutuloy yan..ako I was confined for two weeks for bleeding..di na nga spotting term nila eh..haha..

Take care, ok? Get lots of rest and put your feet up! haha..

Sandra Yu said...

hi jenny, super happy ako for you..wow..ano ba ito lahat pregnant na ule..ako wla pa hehe!

Jenny said...

K: thanks for your wishes kaya lang hindi na natuloy, not meant to be.. confined ka pala during your pregnancy? wow that one was really meant to be.. sayang sabay sana tyo hehe

sands: mag baby ka na kasi go! go! go!

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