A day at the mall

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Went to Trinoma today with H and Jared to stroll and buy some things. We left home at around 2pm which was Jared's nap time so he was asleep in the car while we traveled. He woke up exactly as we hit the parking lot. I think he sensed that it's time to wake up or else he'll be left in the car :p When we got inside the mall, we headed straight to the food choices area to buy a drink for the thirsty husband. We came across the Slammer Burgers joint and got interested to try it. Well, H must have really liked it since he took some bite on my 2nd burger without me knowing it and the little one enjoyed the fries with the sour cream dip.

Afterwards, I went to Landmark to shop while Jared burns off his energy he acquired from his nap by running around the store while H runs after him. When I finished off my shopping, the tired father asked if we could rest and sit for a while, so we opt to have dinner then. We were all so exhausted after and decided to call it a day. :)

Lovin' it

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now that we have transferred our office from Manila to Novaliches which is just near where we live, I can always take my toddler with me every day. I can work and at the same time look after Jared. His nanny is the one who attends to him while I work but I still guide her since she is not yet used to babysitting. It's her first time to work as a nanny so she barely knows anything about it. Anyway, that's fine with me because I'm always there if anything goes wrong and the good thing is she's learning. There were just some added work though as we have to prepare or pack Jared's things every day but that's all right. I just love being with my cutie cutie son every single day! He grows so fast and I don't want to miss out on anything. "Labu labu!" (this is how Jared says I love you. cute!)

A Post-Christmas get-together

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Had a great day yesterday at Nec's home with my close friends/former officemates from P&G. I went with my H and Jared. Everyone came with delicious foods to share. We had shrimps cooked by Nec, lasagna & shrimp mushroom pasta bought by Toneth for me - as my share (thanks gurl!), liempo & chopsuey from Toneth, tasty chicken from Janice and the yummy cake from Ann. We agreed to wear shades of purple or violet as our theme but Ann couldn't find her purple blouse so she's kind of 'op' in the pic hehe!

It's been ages since I last saw these girls. Ann and her family were in Belgium for quite some time; Janice got so busy with her work, she didn't have the time to join us for some dinner (Mare, it's okay!:) )

So we did a whole day of talking, eating, drinking, singing & catching up with each other. Carmie didn't get to join us as she was so busy preparing for her wedding at the end of this month. Btw, the husbands (Andrew, Ryan & Mike) were also present which made the party more fun. But I think the ones who really enjoyed the day were the kids - Nathan, Jared & Lily. They were so busy playing, dancing, singing & running. They got so excited that they were not able to take their afternoon nap. I was trying to take some good photos of the tots but they were all busy running around, which made it impossible for me to do it. But they were still so cute! I really enjoyed watching them play.

Overall, everyone had a blast! My special thanks to Nec and her family for welcoming us into your home. I hope we can do this again soon. Next time, dala na kame ng mattress ha! ;)

20 months

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jared turned 20 months yesterday. And no, I did not forget; just didn't had the chance to go online and post. Here goes..

... He has become so vocal. If he's angry, he says "galit". If he's gonna cry or has cried, he says "iyak". If he's afraid, he says "takot". If he feels that he'd choke, he says "tuka" for suka. If he's happy he says "tawa" or "tawa naman". If he's hurt, he says "takit" for sakit. Funny!
... He plays on his own a lot more. He'd doodle (he says "dowen" for drawing) on his magnetic doodle pad. Whenever we ask him what he's drawing, he would say water or air sometimes or numbers or letters
... He enjoys being around with other kids his age. He says "bata" or "baby" whenever he sees them.
... Likes to play at the curtain. He'll hide behind the sheer, walk forward till his face is unveiled and say "eat... ga!"
... Very interested to open and close drawers and cabinets
... He still hates brushing his teeth.
... We're having naptime problems. Before he takes his nap from 1-3pm or 1-4pm which is good because he can still sleep early at night but now he takes his nap around 3-5pm which makes him sleep around 9 or 10pm.. :(
... He addresses every member of the family correctly. Like he can say lolo, lola, tita, ninong, umpe, ate, kuya
... He knows the number 9 and almost all the alphabets (capital letters) except for the letters R, S, V & Z.
... He loves opening and closing doors - our personal doorman

I love this toddler so much! I can't describe it!

Happy 20 months my little boy! :)

2 years later

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rachelle is back! She left for Bahamas for work and now she's back to visit us. We had a late lunch at Bubba Gump, Rache and Flory's treat, coffee afterwards and later on decided to have some drinks at Gilligans. We had a non-stop chikahan. Everyone had lots of stories to tell specially rache. Flory also came from her work abroad and she'll be leaving again for Norway and will come home after two months (Gimik ulit tayo pag dating mo ha!). Too bad Andrea and Lynette were not there to join us. OK, I'll just keep this short as I'm really having a hard time on my internet connection. Will update this post some other time.

First post for 2009

It’s been so long since my last post. We just transferred our office so we still have no internet connection. OK, there were lots of things that happened and I'll start it with our new year's eve.

We spent the New Year's Eve with my mom and sisters. We had a simple and nice dinner, I should say because I was one of the cooks. I cooked shrimps and made a no bake strawberry cheesecake which was on the palpak side.. hehe! It became a bit sour. My sister Tin cooked carbonara with my help of course :) and turned out great.

Jared slept late in the afternoon so he was still awake when the clock struck 12. He was so hyper at that time maybe because it was his first time to celebrate the New Year.

We observed that fireworks were not as crazy as the years past maybe because of the crisis and people have become wiser. It was also raining at that evening so people did not have the chance to light their fireworks.

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