Short-term goals for this year

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I stumbled upon my college classmate K's blog and got so inspired with her post about goals and now I'm posting mine too which also turned out to be somewhat similar to hers. I didn't make it to 10 so I'm only posting 9 (isa na lang noh!). Here goes..

  1. Get fit. Remove my baby fats a.k.a. postpartum belly fats. They said that it took 9 months for your tummy to grow while you're pregnant so it will also take about 9 months for things to really go back into place but it's been almost 2 yrs and I still have that squishy tummy from it.
  2. To learn baking and cake decorating. I can't make it in a formal class as I don't have the moolah for it. I'll just try to learn on my own by researching from the net and by baking at least one cake or other pastries every month.
  3. Print all the pending photobooks of my son which I have mentioned here before.
  4. Teach my toddler how to read. I already have gathered some materials from the net but haven't really started.
  5. Take a family vacation. We're supposed to have it this month since I have some expiring miles but H won't allow the toddler to go with us if we have to take the plane so we postponed it. H said that he's too young to fly and it's not so safe for him.. oh well.. pero sayang ang miles noh!
  6. Have a business. Maybe something about clothes..
  7. Read the Twilight saga books. This is so overdue, I know.. Have started to read the first few pages with Jared and I think he's liking it too hehe!
  8. Join a marathon. This will also help me in my goal #1 but I still need to find running mates for this.
  9. And finally, my main goal which I am not yet sure if it's short-term or long-term.. to live on our own. Still saving up to buy a house. Hope we'll get there soon. Just need to save! save! save! and earn more! OK, to earn more, I think I need to pursue goal#6.


::K:: said...

baby fats? you? i don't believe it..haha..

ako after getting back in shape since my first pregnancy..eto na naman ako..haha

Jenny said...

naku ang dami naipon sa tyan..

sana baby girl naman yan noh :)

scrapgurl said...

Didn't know you'd like to join a marathon girl! I'd like to also! Tayo na lang!

Jenny said...

Cel, that's so good to know. Sabihan mo ko kung may masalihan na tyo..

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