A short update

Monday, December 28, 2009

We spent the Christmas holidays in Batangas with my hubby's family and relatives. They don't really celebrate Christmas the traditional way like having noche buena at midnight because December 25 is their town's fiesta in the province. And since they're celebrating the fiesta, there were lots of food. You can actually go to every house in their town and eat because most of the people there were H's relatives, talk about pigging out.

with his 2nd cousins

Jared with his great grand father (love this photo)

Yesterday, we went to Trinoma for some post-Christmas shopping and Jared's haircut and grocery shopping.

This is Santa after Chirstmas (parang pumayat siya.. overworked?)

serious mode while having his hair cut

driving the buggy

Star City

Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Sunday, we visited Star City. Went there with H, Jared and my SIL, Manilyn. Arrived at three in the afternoon when it was not yet crowded and there were no long queues. It was my first time after so many years as we used to go there when we were still in grade school. I was surprised to see that all of the kiddie rides are indoors so rain or shine the kids can still have fun.

The rides we have tried were all kiddie rides mainly because we're with Jared. We only got to try one adult ride, the Star Flyer, an inverted roller coaster ride. A really cool experience.

There are a lot of attractions inside the carnival. Here are some places that we have tried.

We were all excited about Snow World so it was the first we tried. It was amazing - it's like experiencing real snow in the Philippines. Too bad we were not able to avail of a photo inside as we were in a hurry to exit because Jared is feeling really cold. We were not prepared for it, he should have worn pants and extra jacket. I hope next time we can try it again.

The Dino Island is the next place we visited. This was the one that Jared really liked as he is fond of dinosaurs.
We also visited the Peter Pan attraction wherein you will see the characters and their adventures. Good thing, the little one knew the story of Peter Pan so he can somehow relate with the place.

The Land of the Giants were about those little creatures becoming giants at this place.. nice :)

And we got to take a photo with Mr. Snowman :)

We enjoyed and had fun especially our little one. The place is really meant for kids so don't hesitate to bring your kiddos here specially this holiday season. :)

Happy Christmas week to everyone!

Feeling college naman

Last week I met up with my best college friends at the Shangrila mall. It was supposed to be a celebration of Kitine's and Doann's birthday which were already months ago haha! It's because everyone was so busy we couldn't find a schedule that works for all of us. But thank God, it already happened :)

It was a dinner at Green Tomato at level 6 of shangrila mall, my first time to dine there. I ordered Rosemary, chicken & asparagus pasta but when I got to taste it, it was like I'm eating chicken tinola with pasta. We also had the mighty meaty pizza but it was just OK.

Anyway, I went home the happiest because I got to bring home lots of gifts from my generous girlfriends for me and for Jared :) (gift for my bday pa and xmas haha) And I was such a bad friend I haven't shopped for gifts yet.. Next time na lang ha :)

3rd year

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're celebrating our 3rd year today!

To my dearest, sweetest, & handsomest husband of 3 years, Happy Anniversary!
I love you! =D

Mom's Bday

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mom had 2 days of celebration for her birthday. The first one was when we had dinner in Trinoma and the second, a dinner at home a day after which was her actual birthday. One more year and she'll have a senior citizen card wahooo!

Happy happy birthday to my dearest , sweetest and most beloved mom in the whole world. May God bestow best of health and long life to you. I'll forever be thankful for having a mom like you. I love you! :)

while waiting for our food

"sarap ng chocolate mommy"

with Tita Tin

Lyn & mommy

Mighty Run

My comeback run after almost 2 months! We arrived at UP a bit early because we still waited for a while before the race started. H wasn't able to come but good thing my sister Arlene was able to join us for the first time. She was fully geared up and ready to race (with me!). It started a little later than scheduled. 5k and 10k runners started at the same time. We all ran 5k except for Cel who did the 10k.

I was still slow and did not beat my PR (as usual!). Got to really practice.. but the best part of this race is the free super yummy lugaw! Mine has lots of meat (beef and chicken) and egg. There are also free drinks like sanmig coffee and Bacchus energy drink. Cel, who ran the 10k and finished the last among us (of course!) did not get any freebie. So after the race, we headed to the ever reliable Mcdo for another breakfast. And while at Mcdo, my mom texted us that we should drop by her house because she prepared sopas. And we did, so I ate a total of 3 breakfast meals in 3 hours! now I need to run 15k for that :)

Feeling highschool again

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's because I met up with my high school best friends last week. Rachelle and Ann were back for a Christmas vacation so we were almost complete except for my friend Lynnette who's been living in France for years. The good news is she'll come home for a vacation on April. So excited for that one :)

We did the usual thing - dinner and coffee afterwards. It was such a great night. There were a lot of stories to tell and a lot of reminiscing about our high school days. We could have talk for more but it was already late and I have a makulit son who's been calling me that night. He said that mommy needs to go home NOW. :)

Since that night was not enough for us - we are planning another one after Christmas and I hope it pushes through.

Birthdays and Baptism

Monday, December 7, 2009

My weekend was a bit jam-packed with activities with friends and family but minus the hubby. Unfortunately, he has lots of things to do so wasn't able to join us.

Met up with my 2 girlfriends for Janice's bday celebration.

Saturday was Ninong Ferdie's and his daughter Grace's bday celebration in a private resort in Pansol, Laguna. As usual, the one that enjoyed the most was my little Jared :)

Sunday was the baptism of my new God child, baby Ashley. Sorry for the photo as this was the only one I got (taken by my sis). After that we went to the mall for some Christmas shopping and got home late in the evening.

Oh and I watched Harapan the ABS-CBN Presidential Forum that night which got me so tired and sleepy today. But I still don't know who to vote for (Noynoy or Gordon?). Anyway, I'm not yet sure if I can really vote in the coming election.

Okay it's a Monday again and I wish everyone a great week ahead!

Hubby's day

Friday, December 4, 2009

I didn't know that hubby would be home last night so I didn't really prepare for his bday. Good thing I had a backup plan.. I made a mango cheesecake! We celebrated it with MIL and Maneeh, my SIL, who came a little later. I think my FIL was also there to celebrate with us :)

candle blowing is a tough job

blow it baby one more time :)

Random thoughts

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

  1. Jared was so into coloring these past few days. He can sit for a long time with his crayons and papers only.
  2. Last weekend, we went to Trinoma to accompany our mom in buying her gifts for friends and colleagues. The good thing about it, we also got to buy Christmas gifts for ourselves courtesy of our santa mom! :)
  3. I so miss running.. I hope we can join the Mighty Run on Dec 13. It will be my first run in almost 2 months.
  4. I've decided not to go for 10k yet. The last time I registered for 10k did not push through so I thought of it as a sign. (do you believe in signs? me, I'm not sure hehe!) I feel that I am so not ready for it and I have to check with my doctor first if I'm ok to run that distance as I was diagnosed with ischemia before. With a family history of heart problems, I think we should be a little cautious.
  5. But I still want a Nike+ Sportband (the pink one!).. or any other watch that can measure my time and distance while running even if I would just run 5k each time.
  6. Hubby is busy as a bee. He missed lots of our lakwatsa and will be missing few others too.. sad
  7. I miss my friends and I hope to meet them soon.
  8. We are supposed to enroll our little one in a play camp this month but I don't think it will still push through in this holiday season. I hope to do it by January.
  9. Why do I catch a cold every night usually before bedtime? Is it an allergy?
  10. I need to go to my Ob, dentist and cardio. But when?

Car wash boys

Monday, November 23, 2009

Need I say more? :)

My father-in-law

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 days ago, my father-in-law passed away at the age of 55. It happened so fast. Saturday night, he was brought to the hospital due to difficulty in breathing and severe sweating. The doctors confirmed that he had a heart attack. They did what they can and had to do but on Sunday morning, it happened. We lost a father.

taken when Jared was only 6 months old

I've only known him for a few years but I believe he was a great man. He was a loving husband to his wife. He was so generous with sweet words and never fails to remind his wife how important she is to him. And he loved his children so much and was always very close to them. He had raised my husband together with my MIL to be a good man and instilled in him the strength that I really admire and respect.

An exceedingly kind man. He was always good to me, beginning with our first meeting. He was a very supportive father-in-law and a loving grandfather. I'm sure my little one will really miss him - as they used to sing in the videoke together almost everyday.

"Thank you for loving and taking care of your and our family. You've done so much and come so far for us. We will tell Jared what a wonderful and funny man his grandfather was".

It's just really sad that he was taken from us too soon.

At long last

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We had Jared's 1st birthday album printed! This happened because of Digiprint's sale, we got the photo book at 50% off .. what a steal!

To avail of the photo book, you just give them all the photos you want to be included and they will make the layout for you but since I have already finished the layout years ago, (ok not that long) I just submitted those and had them print it.

front cover
back cover

Halloween and a party

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spent the long weekend at the province with my family, the family I came from and my Tita. Left home on Saturday at around 9 in the morning.. thank heavens the strong winds have stopped (due to storm Santi) at that time so were able to travel safely.

(this tarp greeted us when we arrived, it was from our relatives.. sweet!)

My mom together with my aunts prepared a small party for my sis (the one which I've blogged about last time) which was held at the province so we can all celebrate together. My aunts prepared yummy dishes like caldereta & the veggie dish. They're really good in cooking. Kuya amang, my uncle, cooked the lechon which won the star of the night award as seen on the pic below. :)

We ended the night after playing with different halloween costumes. Jared wore a vampire bat costume and the pirate hat. The pirate hat was for hubby but the little one insisted on wearing it.. so there.. :)

10k here I come!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yeah! Crazy me will be running 10k on November 8 at the Philippine International Marathon. Didn't know what made me decide for it but hubby told me he'll run with me if I go for 10k so here I am! I would just be needing tons and tons of luck!

Got this from the Lopez site:

RUN for a worthy cause on Nov. 8 and get a glimpse of the state of the Pasig River in the Philippine International Marathon 2009: A Run for the Pasig River at the Quirino Grandstand.

The activity, organized by Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP), will allow runners to get close to the river via a nontraditional route that will cross nine of the 13 bridges of the waterway; portions of the race will be run alongside the river itself.

A unique feature of this race is the 42K full marathon which can also be run by a relay team of 20 and 40 people per team. The relay will run the full length of the marathon route divided by 20 points. Each point will be assigned a prominent landmark or bridge along the route.

There are short distance categories of 3k-5k-10k. The age limit is 6 years old and above. The full marathon and its sub categories will be under the technical supervision of Race Director Rudy Biscocho and his team. Water stations will be situated every 2km from starting line to finish line.

Participation fee is P250. Pinoy Ultra Runners will conduct free running clinics for first-time runners.Registration forms are available online for marathon and relay or register at the following outlets: KBPIP office at 3/F ELJ Building, Mother Ignacia QC, ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. Head office, IZOD boutiques, Vanheusen Boutiques, Gold’s Gym, ROX Running Store, Second Wind, Race Inc. For more info, call
415-2272 loc. 3797 or email ilogpasig@abs-cbn.com .

North to South

Monday, October 26, 2009

It was a very busy weekend for me and my family. We attended the baptism of my cousin's daughter last Saturday in Nueva Ecija. Woke up my little boy at 6am and gave him his first milk for the day. Since we were running late, we decided to have our breakfast in the car. Jared didn't want to eat anything at that time. He was so hard to feed and just ate very little for breakfast.

We arrived a few minutes late but we were actually just on time as the ceremony was just starting. I participated in the ceremony as I was a substitute for my cousin who was one of the sponsors but wasn't able to attend. Reception followed at their residence.

The little one didn't eat anything at the reception so we had to bring him to the nearest restaurant where there is soup. Yes, he cannot eat without soup. And after his lunch, he told us he wanted to ride the "horse" - the carousel and we let him accompanied by his papi (dad).

The following day, we went to Laguna to attend Cedie's birthday celebration at a hot spring resort in Pansol. This time Jared had his milk and breakfast before we got into the car so travelling was a breeze.

Once we got to the resort and the little one saw the pool, he immediately said that he would like to swim because he wants to use his baby float. He really loves water. I think he was a fish on his past life haha!

Oh and he had his first lollipop ( a light-up lollipop) that day. His Ninang Pauline gave it to him. Good thing he didn't finish off the whole lolly. It was too much sugar for him. He just ate it like an ice cream by licking it.

P.S. Thanks to ninang Pauline for the gift! Jared loves it!

Good job!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Congratulations to my sister, Tin, for passing the CPA board exams! Libre mo naman kame!

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