Just the three of us

Saturday, December 24, 2011

We're celebrating Christmas this year with just the three of us.. Me with husband and the little one. We usually spend it in Batangas with my husband's family and relatives but at this time the husband's work schedule was different and he had to work during the holidays.

It's pretty tiring because I did and will do all the cooking for Christmas dinner and Christmas eve. That's what I get for having two boys..

On the other hand, Jared wrote a letter for Santa but.. my bad.. I haven't gotten a gift to fill in his Christmas sock. I need to think now of a reason why Santa's gift will be a bit delayed.. hmm...

It's two hours before Christmas eve so I will just leave you with this.. Merry Christmas! :)

School Christmas Party

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My little boy wasn't able to attend his classes for 3 days because of that viral thing that hit on him. And when he can finally go back to school, it was already their Christmas party. That means he was not able to join their practice for their Christmas party presentation. But even if he didn't practice, he still participated and tried his best to follow the steps.

Thanks to our good old camera that got broken when their dance was about to start, I was not able to record a video of their presentation.

Anyway, there were games for everyone - students, parents and guardians. Jared and I joined the newspaper dance and luckily we won! OK, we were not the only winners, thanks to the organizers they chose the last 5 pairs or more than 5 haha!

After the program was eating time which is my son's least favorite part. And then the gift giving which he really enjoyed.

The last photo I took with our dying camera..

5 years

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's been 5 years since we said our I do's! And from that day, our marriage just keeps getting better. Of course, there were trials and tests along the way but we sure became stronger with it.

Happy happy anniversary to my hot and sexy husband! I look forward to more years of sleeping beside you every night and waking up with my head resting on your shoulders. That's my favorite part of my everyday!

I looooove you!

Can anything get mushier than that? :)

My little boy got sick

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm blogging from the hospital tonight. My little boy is sleeping soundly with the dextrose on his left hand. He was admitted last Friday due to severe vomiting and diarrhea. He was diagnosed with gastroenteritis which the doctor told us was caused by a virus. He has to receive dextrose while in the hospital to let his tummy rest or calm down and to rehydrate his body.

He was so tamlay na but thank God on the second day after having about 2 bottles of dextrose he became active and was ready to play again.

See, he still managed to play games using only one hand.

On our 4th day, when he was active and feeling better, his IV catheter got dislodged that the nurse had to finally remove it. Good thing, the doctor told us that he doesn't have to have that dextrose again. The sign that he's feeling good already.. he asked for his pen and paper :)

And the good news is.. We’re finally going home tomorrow! Ahh I miss our bed..

Look who's 30!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a short post to greet my dearest and gwapo husband who just turned 30 today! At last, he's now the same age as me. That was 6 months of me being older than him!

To my husband, even if you're now 30, you really don't look old. You're still the same man, ok young man whom I met in high school who loves to sing with me during break time and took advantage of it to get close to me.. haha!

Happy birthday and I ♥ U!

Our Fantabulous Singapore Trip

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We went to Singapore lah! more than a week ago. I just really enjoyed our visit to that country - so clean, beautiful and modern. The five-day-vacay is so bitin! There were some places that I wanted to visit but were not able to. I wanna go back! :)

Okay, so we went there with my husband's family (super thanks to my generous MIL!) and stayed at Tita M's house who resides in SG with her husband (Thanks for welcoming us!).

It was a three and a half hour plane ride which is just perfect for a relaxing nap. But my little one did the opposite. He did not want to sleep, instead he spent the whole time on drawing. Thanks to the Cebu Pacific's paper bag which he used as a canvass, I was able to get a very quick nap while he was busy drawing on it.

We arrived at the airport at around six in the afternoon, took a cab and headed straight to Tita M's house.

the solis siblings minus their eldest brother who wasn't able to join the trip

my photo with MIL and my ever likot son

and here's our first family pic in SG

to be continued..

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