Birthday time, Jop + Lyn

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We had a lovely and super filling dinner last week. It was a birthday treat from Jops + Lyn (the newly-weds) who both decided to celebrate at the same time even if their birthdays were two weeks apart.. "tipid-mode" daw. But we did not feel that because we had the Corniche buffet dinner at the Diamond Hotel. Lotsa lotsa good food! I really prepared for that day - I ate very little during breakfast and lunch and I had no snack in between! That's why when we reached the resto, I was really starving.. I forgot to take pictures of the place and the food. My bad! But of-course, we had our photos. :)

the whole gang

Jared ate only ramen out of all the dishes.. but he liked it much!

and he so enjoyed using chopsticks

our post-dinner pic

happy tummies :)

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