Just the three of us

Saturday, December 24, 2011

We're celebrating Christmas this year with just the three of us.. Me with husband and the little one. We usually spend it in Batangas with my husband's family and relatives but at this time the husband's work schedule was different and he had to work during the holidays.

It's pretty tiring because I did and will do all the cooking for Christmas dinner and Christmas eve. That's what I get for having two boys..

On the other hand, Jared wrote a letter for Santa but.. my bad.. I haven't gotten a gift to fill in his Christmas sock. I need to think now of a reason why Santa's gift will be a bit delayed.. hmm...

It's two hours before Christmas eve so I will just leave you with this.. Merry Christmas! :)

School Christmas Party

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My little boy wasn't able to attend his classes for 3 days because of that viral thing that hit on him. And when he can finally go back to school, it was already their Christmas party. That means he was not able to join their practice for their Christmas party presentation. But even if he didn't practice, he still participated and tried his best to follow the steps.

Thanks to our good old camera that got broken when their dance was about to start, I was not able to record a video of their presentation.

Anyway, there were games for everyone - students, parents and guardians. Jared and I joined the newspaper dance and luckily we won! OK, we were not the only winners, thanks to the organizers they chose the last 5 pairs or more than 5 haha!

After the program was eating time which is my son's least favorite part. And then the gift giving which he really enjoyed.

The last photo I took with our dying camera..

5 years

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's been 5 years since we said our I do's! And from that day, our marriage just keeps getting better. Of course, there were trials and tests along the way but we sure became stronger with it.

Happy happy anniversary to my hot and sexy husband! I look forward to more years of sleeping beside you every night and waking up with my head resting on your shoulders. That's my favorite part of my everyday!

I looooove you!

Can anything get mushier than that? :)

My little boy got sick

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm blogging from the hospital tonight. My little boy is sleeping soundly with the dextrose on his left hand. He was admitted last Friday due to severe vomiting and diarrhea. He was diagnosed with gastroenteritis which the doctor told us was caused by a virus. He has to receive dextrose while in the hospital to let his tummy rest or calm down and to rehydrate his body.

He was so tamlay na but thank God on the second day after having about 2 bottles of dextrose he became active and was ready to play again.

See, he still managed to play games using only one hand.

On our 4th day, when he was active and feeling better, his IV catheter got dislodged that the nurse had to finally remove it. Good thing, the doctor told us that he doesn't have to have that dextrose again. The sign that he's feeling good already.. he asked for his pen and paper :)

And the good news is.. We’re finally going home tomorrow! Ahh I miss our bed..

Look who's 30!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a short post to greet my dearest and gwapo husband who just turned 30 today! At last, he's now the same age as me. That was 6 months of me being older than him!

To my husband, even if you're now 30, you really don't look old. You're still the same man, ok young man whom I met in high school who loves to sing with me during break time and took advantage of it to get close to me.. haha!

Happy birthday and I ♥ U!

Our Fantabulous Singapore Trip

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We went to Singapore lah! more than a week ago. I just really enjoyed our visit to that country - so clean, beautiful and modern. The five-day-vacay is so bitin! There were some places that I wanted to visit but were not able to. I wanna go back! :)

Okay, so we went there with my husband's family (super thanks to my generous MIL!) and stayed at Tita M's house who resides in SG with her husband (Thanks for welcoming us!).

It was a three and a half hour plane ride which is just perfect for a relaxing nap. But my little one did the opposite. He did not want to sleep, instead he spent the whole time on drawing. Thanks to the Cebu Pacific's paper bag which he used as a canvass, I was able to get a very quick nap while he was busy drawing on it.

We arrived at the airport at around six in the afternoon, took a cab and headed straight to Tita M's house.

the solis siblings minus their eldest brother who wasn't able to join the trip

my photo with MIL and my ever likot son

and here's our first family pic in SG

to be continued..

Birthday time, Jop + Lyn

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We had a lovely and super filling dinner last week. It was a birthday treat from Jops + Lyn (the newly-weds) who both decided to celebrate at the same time even if their birthdays were two weeks apart.. "tipid-mode" daw. But we did not feel that because we had the Corniche buffet dinner at the Diamond Hotel. Lotsa lotsa good food! I really prepared for that day - I ate very little during breakfast and lunch and I had no snack in between! That's why when we reached the resto, I was really starving.. I forgot to take pictures of the place and the food. My bad! But of-course, we had our photos. :)

the whole gang

Jared ate only ramen out of all the dishes.. but he liked it much!

and he so enjoyed using chopsticks

our post-dinner pic

happy tummies :)

Trick or Treat

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yesterday, I went to a Halloween party with my little one and my sister. Jared came in a vampire costume. We were not that prepared. We just decided after I found the little boy's unused halloween costume and then registered for the party the day after.

It started at five in the afternoon. There were lots of food for all the guests and all the kids came with their cute costumes.

My little boy is so active in participating in all the games. He also won in the game which I don't know what it's called - it's where they have to pass a thing to each other while music is playing and when the music stops, the one who's holding that thing will be out of the game. Whew! That was a long description!

There was also a fun photobooth for souvenirs.

The trick or treat was the last part. They went all over the place to look for the people in costumes who will also give out chocolates and candies.

And this is what he collected after. lotsa goodies! He really enjoyed the party.

I am now a 10k-er

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yep I finished it! Yipee for me! It was my longest race ever and I finished it at 01:32:27.94 not so bad haha! Btw, you can view the race results here.

I ran with 3 of my running girlfriends.

And with the husband who is also a first time 10k-er.

It was a great race but it was not easy at all. There were so many participants. We passed by the starting line 4 minutes after the gun start because of TOO many runners. Good thing we have race tags or the timing chips so our time is still pretty accurate.

The race started at 5pm. It was TOO crowded at the start. I wasn't able to run at my pace because I might bump into another runner. Though on the 6th kilometer there was less number of people running maybe because of exhaustion but thanks to the ample water stations that served both water and sports drinks which helped me get my momentum back.

I realized then that I should bring a camera on my next run so I can take photos. And because I want to have a picture with coach Rio! haha!

Overall, it was one hot fun run! I hope this becomes an annual event. But first I need to train more!

A post about my son

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Been so long since I last blogged about the little one. It's not that he's not important to me but really time is the issue. Good thing, I'm having free time these days for blogging. I just want to share some things about him..

He still loves books. His favorite place in a mall is the bookstore and he's the one who chooses the book that we will buy for him. The parents were really not fond of reading the way he is that's why I'm so glad he turned out to be the opposite in terms of reading haha!

He's always eager to do his homework and I need not convince or drag him to do it. Lucky mommy!

And even if we're out, I always make sure I have his pen and paper to keep him busy.

Because he gets so bored when he goes shopping with me

He likes to blow cake candles so whenever we buy a cake we always make sure it has candles.

He is so adorable and so sweet. Just this morning he said to me "Mommy, can I kiss you on the eye coz I love you so much" What? eye? haha! funny kid! In a few months he'll be five.. oh my he's growing so fast!

I will run 10k on Sat!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes! finally! I joined a 10k race again after 2 years when I joined for the very first time.. which did not push through because of an unfortunate event that happened on the race date. We also stopped joining races around the middle of last year due to the sudden increase in registration fees and just run on our own every weekend. And when I read about the Nike race I was thrilled! It was indeed an exciting race event. You can read about it here and here.

And my favorite part of the race is the free thumb drive for the finishers. It's too cute! Enough reason to finish the race. haha!

See you there! :)

Stormy Road Trip

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We have planned this a month before so when we knew there was a storm or typhoon in the North area we still pursued the road trip. Everyone were too excited to back out so off we went! This was during the last 4-day long weekend. The first day was spent entirely on the road. We spent 12 hours in travelling from Manila to Vigan only because of typhoon Mina. We got stranded for more than 3 hours in Agoo, La Union due to some flooded areas.

Our first stop was Baluarte in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. This was my son's favorite place in Ilocos mainly because it is a zoo. :) It was a gloomy morning but thang God for no rain that time, we were able to see the whole place and experience the pony ride.

Then we headed to Calle Crisologo but it was just a quick stop as we have a lot on our list that we should be visited.

A quick photo-op at the beautiful Paoay church. It was already drizzling at that time. Thankful for umbrellas and a water-proof camera.

Malacanang of the North

Burgos Tower. We were not able to go inside the lighthouse as it was closed at that time, maybe because of the bad weather.

Mairaira beach in Pagudpud - very quiet and peaceful beach.. so unlike Boracay.. for the soul searchers haha!

Hannah's resort - where we stayed for one night. Beautiful resort but needs improvement in terms of services.

Bantay Abot Cave - this was just a few mins away from the resort.

The windmills - where Jared got his cute little windmill. And of course, it's super windy here!

Back to Vigan! Last photo-op then started the long travel back home.

Even though our visit to Ilocos was welcomed by a bad weather, we really enjoyed it! I don't think we can come back anytime soon because of the relatively long travel but I still want to visit again! There were still a lot of places that we have not yet visited.

Our rainy Boracay vacay

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We had a 4-day vacation in the beautiful Boracay last month - I know, late post again. We went there with my side of the family. We went swimming, island hopping, helmet diving, fly fish-ing and ate and ate to our heart's content. Besides, we got a lot of things to celebrate during that time. It was Father's Day, my 30th birthday and an advance celebration of my aunt's birthday.

It was Jared's first plane ride that's why he made sure he gets to read the flight manual before take off. :)

We had rain and storm on the 1st and 2nd day but we still managed to enjoy but our little boy doesn't like the strong waves so he opted to just play on the sand.

He only swam in the pool which he really enjoyed and which doesn't show in this photo haha!

The 3rd day was when the sun shone brightly. We got to do a lot of things. We tried helmet diving.

Island Hopping.. but forgetful me forgot all the islands that we visited.

Snorkelling.. corals are not that pretty anymore.

And swam all day..

So there.. that's how our rainy summer went :)

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