Sunday, November 30, 2008

While Jared and I were waiting in the activity center of The Block for hubby, we passed by this restaurant and a waitress approached me that they have a promo. They'll give free buffalo wings if we have a food purchase worth 300. And since I'm a sucker for freebies, I asked H if he would like to try that resto and he agreed. The place has a nice ambience. The waiters are decked in festive New Orleans mask and every so often they will scream "Jamba... laya".

We ordered the Chicken Gumbo, carbonara, All-meat extravaganza pizza and got the free petite buffalo wings. There is also a complimentary bread with oil and garlic dip. The buffalo wings is so-so for me, just don't like its sauce. We had the carbonara for Jared but unfortunately he did not like it but when I put on some gumbo sauce into his pasta he loved it. For me, the pasta and pizza were both good. I would love to have another visit soon and try the others on the menu hopefully with a group since their meals are mostly good for sharing.

Sunday at The Block

Went to The Block at SM North with the primary reason of claiming my Huggies free toy. It was the last day of the promo so I took the chance of availing it. When I got there, the attendant told me that they will just contact me when my preferred toy is already available. In short, we did not get the toy.. so sad :(

But then, we went strolling around and passed by the activity center wherein there was a Doraemon event but had just already ended so Jared just played with the left-over decors of the place and he enjoyed it. He even got to take home some balloons hehe!

running away with his loots :p

Nice week

kulitan photo before having dinner

This week has been very enjoyable for me since I got to spend all my time with Jared. I loved it
even if it's more tiring than my usual days since I have additonal work and that is to attend to Jared's needs all the time. Still looking for a new nanny for Jared though. Good thing my work is flexible because my mom is my boss :p We really had a nice mother & son bonding :)

Anyway, we went back to my in-laws' house yesterday and then went to the mall in the afternoon with my 2 sis-in-law, hubby and of course Jared. We bought some things for Jared and Mei treated us for dinner at Gerry's even if there's no occasion. Such a nice and generous sister hehe! thanks ha! next time ulit! :) I only do things like that if it's my birthday and it rarely happens pa hehe! kuripot talaga!

Happy Feet

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yesterday, my hubby arrived home (we're here at my mom's place) earlier. Then we thought of having foot spa since mom has a bubble foot spa machine. Hubby had his turn first. I was the one who gave him the foot spa. Yeah, the things you do for love hehe!

hubby's feet look like they're enjoying the spa

Jared kept on joining while hubby was having his spa, so we just let him have his turn after.. and look at the smile on his face :)

looks like one happy and satisfied client! hehe!

And after that hubby was so lazy to give me foot spa in return.. argghh! I really hate him! I think I should have asked Jared instead hehe!

And speaking of foot spa, I'll leave you with the procedure on how to have a relaxing foot spa at home. :)

  1. Soak your feet in warm water for at least 15 minutes. We used the electric bubble foot spa machine for this. If you don't have it you can use a bowl or dish that your feet will fit into. And then add some foot soak into the water to help your feet relax more.
  2. Exfoliate your skin, concentrating on the calluses. This is the time you really want to concentrate on. Use a damp pumice stone or foot file to scrub down your entire foot. Using a foot scrub makes blasting away dead skin easier. Rub the foot scrub on your feet to get a basic exfoliation all over and then scrub over your calluses with the foot file. When you are done scrubbing, rinse and dry your feet.
  3. Moisturize. You can use your favorite moisturizer or get something specifically for your feet.

Sizzling Pepper Steak

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We decided to try the Sizzling Pepper Steak as I've read good reviews about this resto. We ordered Beef Pepper Rice and Saikoro Pepper Rice. These pepper rice meals are served on hot plates where the meat is just slightly cooked. You have to finish cooking it yourself before you can eat. Then you mix it all together with the rice and sauce. We both enjoyed our dinner except for Jared. He threw up on his first taste of the pepper rice. My bad! I forgot that he's not used to the taste of pepper. So after that, we went to Jollibee so that Jared can eat. We ordered spaghetti and sundae for him. He liked the spaghetti and kept saying "apetti" for spaghetti hehe! And ofcourse, we did not let him eat up all the sundae, he just had a few :)

Playtime at Landmark

It's been a long time since I last posted on my blog. This day is the start of the "no-yay-day". Jared's nanny went home yesterday for good. We have to find a new yaya asap! I just had this opportunity today to go online since Jared is having his nap.. ok enough of that :)

Last Saturday, we decided to go to Trinoma since we don't have anything else to do and so that Jared can stroll and play with other kids. After some visit to different shops, we decided to go to the toy store at Landmark where there is a small play area for kids. The area has lots of TV sets, rubber mats on the floor and toys all over. Hubby and Jared went there while I shop for some clothes for Jared.
Well, he did really enjoy his time on that place. He also found a new friend, whom he influenced to also remove the rubber mats and play with it hehe! Anyway, looks like they really had a great time. After that, went to Sizzling Pepper steak for dinner. Ok, this will be another post. :)

First Hair Cut

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jared had his first hair cut last Sunday. We want him to enjoy this milestone so I searched for a salon that really caters to his age and so we chose Cuts 4 Tots. This kiddie salon doesn't really look like a salon since it has lots of toys, colorful interiors, TV sets, and books. The children who have their haircut will be seated in car chairs just like the ones in kiddie rides. Each station has a TV set so that it will get the attention of the child getting a haircut.

We let Jared play first in the play area so he can get to familiarize with the place. And before the official hair cut, we let Tintin cut Jared's hair first as per the tradition which I have just heard lately. They say that we have to carefully choose the person who will have to cut your child's hair for the first time because the child will inherit some characteristics from that person. And I followed it! haha! She's my sister and she's really good in school, she may graduate as cumlaude. :) So I hope Jared will get that trait of her. hehe!

Good thing, Jared became occupied with the TV and the toys, the cutter didn't have a hard time cutting Jared's hair. But when Jared became comfortable with the cutter, he started playing "bulaga" (peekaboo) with him so it took some time for him to finish the cutting. But I must say he is really good with makukulit kids.

And now, presenting the new Jared.. tadaah! (with sound effects ah!)

Banana Leaf

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Had a nice lunch at Banana Leaf (SM The Block branch) last Sunday courtesy of my sister, Arlene. It's an advanced celebration of her birthday on the 17th. Belated Happy Birthday sis! :)

Arlene suggested this place as she says that food here was good and it serves Southeast Asian cuisine. For appetizer, we had the Roti Canai which looks like a flattened bread and tasted like a soft lumpia wrapper. Maybe we made a mistake when we chose the condensed milk as dip instead of the curry sauce. We also had the Beef Brisket for soup which Jared really liked. Jared is becoming a soup person lately. Others that we had are the prawns singapore which is okay, fish fillet which I liked most, the noodles which name I forgot, the Thai green curry chicken which Ryan really liked, and the penang fried rice. I also liked the bottomless dalandan juice which they claim that its fresh juice and I think that it is. All in all, we really enjoyed the sumptuous lunch. Thanks to sis Arlene :)

The Birthday girl & the boyfie :)

Girls' Night Out

This is a long overdue post about my date with my girlfriends, Cel & Sands last Thursday because I have to wait for Sands to send the picture above :) So here we go.. I met up with Cel first and we had some salad dinner at Kenny. Then Sands came and off we went to the restaurant area of Trinoma. We went to Gerry's first because we want to have the beer tower but the place was so full so we just settled for Giligan’s. We had 3 rounds of beer c/o Cel and yummy pulutan c/o Sands. Well, this is a post celebration of Sand's birthday and also a celebration of Cel's new career. I really love these generous girls! :) Oh I forgot to mention that this is my first time to drink beer after a long hibernation when I got pregnant and all. So after 1 or 2 bottles I already felt slightly drunk. haha! kulang na sa practice e :)

18 months

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jared is now a year and a half! Let me try to recall some of his new developments...

  • His speech is getting better. He keeps on repeating after people so we really have to be careful to what we say. But he still has those "alien talks" - words we could not decipher.
  • He's more expressive in his feelings (joy and sorrow) and lets not forget his tantrums too.
  • He has already got rid of his habit of thumbsucking. It started when Ryan did a heart-to-heart talk with Jared :) He explained the disadvantages of thumbsucking and Jared seemed to listen. Well, that's really good news! But the bad news is he had figured out a way to continue his habit without disobeying his parents. He replaced that habit with the "remaining-four-fingers-sucking". Oh my! I believe this is all Ryan's fault since he only explained thumbsucking and did not mention his other fingers. :p Anyways, Jared rarely does it so not a problem at all.
  • He can now identify some parts of the body. "ay" for eyes, "no" for nose, "maw" for mouth, "ear" for ears, neck, "tin" for chin, "ampi" for armpit, "ebow" for elbow, "pit" for feet.
  • He loves reading books and also loves to be read to.
  • He is still afraid of elevators (ok, there is no development here :) )
  • He started to phase out one of his naps. It's now either in the late morning or the early afternoon but usually it's the latter.
  • He's getting better drinking from a straw. His favorite drink is yakult and he drinks or sips it as fast as a lightning! hehe!

There are more new developments but I cannot recall anymore at this time, so I'll have to save them for another time. So there, that's Jared at 18 months. :)

Baby Einstein - worth it or not?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jared has been fond of the Baby Einstein videos lately. His favorite is the Numbers Nursery and he can now identify the numbers from 1 to 5. We let him watch one almost every morning believing that it would really help him expand his vocabulary. But after some research, I thought maybe we're wrong...

I've read from the internet that for every hour a day that babies 8 to 16 months old were shown such popular series as “Brainy Baby” or “Baby Einstein,” they knew six to eight fewer words than other children. Ok, I got worried about this but I don't exactly believe it.

Moreover, there was also a study which showed that educational movies influence negatively on the infants (8-16 months) language skills development and it influence neither positively nor negatively on children from 18 to 24 months.

Well, I knew way before that watching TV is not recommended for children under age 2 but I think it's unrealistic or just impossible to do since everyone at home watches TV. I think that what we should do is just guide and accompany our toddlers whenever they watch TV and also limit their viewing time.

So now I decided not to show these videos to Jared until he turns two. For me, reading and conversation are still the best language learning tools.

Happy Birthday Tin!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Went to Trinoma last night to celebrate my sister's birthday. I went there with Ryan, Jared, mommy, Lyn, Jopol and of course Tin, the bday celebrator. They decided to dine at Crustasia. We had the buffet and food is still the same except for the crab which was in a different sauce. I think it was cooked with garlic and chili. It's a bit oily for me though. Anyways, we all enjoyed our dinner. Jared liked the soup, banana caramel (a.k.a. the sosy turon), and the mango panacotta.

mommy & tin

hiniram muna si jared

para single muna kame dito :p (parang first date! hehe!)

And today, we went to my mom's for another celebration... Ok we just did the cake ceremony :)

at syempre nakisali si Jared! :p

Jared shops at Walter Mart

Monday, November 3, 2008

On our way to Gapan, Nueva Ecija last Friday, we stopped over at Walter Mart to do some grocery shopping and at the same time check out Metrobank's promo. The promo is you get a free Jack n' Jill snack pack when you purchase at least 1,500 at any Walter Mart branch. We all love freebies! Who doesn't anyway?

While strolling inside the supermarket using a regular shopping cart, we got excited when we saw someone using the kiddie push carts just like the ones in Landmark. We hurriedly look for one so that Jared can also enjoy the shopping time. Fortunately, I found one cart that has just been left out by another shopper. It's Jared's first time to ride/drive a car shopping cart and he loved it. It's really nice that the supermarket owners provide these kinds of carts for kids, really shows concern for their customers.

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