Happy Birthday Tin!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Went to Trinoma last night to celebrate my sister's birthday. I went there with Ryan, Jared, mommy, Lyn, Jopol and of course Tin, the bday celebrator. They decided to dine at Crustasia. We had the buffet and food is still the same except for the crab which was in a different sauce. I think it was cooked with garlic and chili. It's a bit oily for me though. Anyways, we all enjoyed our dinner. Jared liked the soup, banana caramel (a.k.a. the sosy turon), and the mango panacotta.

mommy & tin

hiniram muna si jared

para single muna kame dito :p (parang first date! hehe!)

And today, we went to my mom's for another celebration... Ok we just did the cake ceremony :)

at syempre nakisali si Jared! :p


scrapgurl said...

Happy birthday Tin!

Aba ang sexy ng lola mo, naka-skirt!

Si Jared ang kulit ha.

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