Sunday, November 30, 2008

While Jared and I were waiting in the activity center of The Block for hubby, we passed by this restaurant and a waitress approached me that they have a promo. They'll give free buffalo wings if we have a food purchase worth 300. And since I'm a sucker for freebies, I asked H if he would like to try that resto and he agreed. The place has a nice ambience. The waiters are decked in festive New Orleans mask and every so often they will scream "Jamba... laya".

We ordered the Chicken Gumbo, carbonara, All-meat extravaganza pizza and got the free petite buffalo wings. There is also a complimentary bread with oil and garlic dip. The buffalo wings is so-so for me, just don't like its sauce. We had the carbonara for Jared but unfortunately he did not like it but when I put on some gumbo sauce into his pasta he loved it. For me, the pasta and pizza were both good. I would love to have another visit soon and try the others on the menu hopefully with a group since their meals are mostly good for sharing.


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