Nice week

Sunday, November 30, 2008

kulitan photo before having dinner

This week has been very enjoyable for me since I got to spend all my time with Jared. I loved it
even if it's more tiring than my usual days since I have additonal work and that is to attend to Jared's needs all the time. Still looking for a new nanny for Jared though. Good thing my work is flexible because my mom is my boss :p We really had a nice mother & son bonding :)

Anyway, we went back to my in-laws' house yesterday and then went to the mall in the afternoon with my 2 sis-in-law, hubby and of course Jared. We bought some things for Jared and Mei treated us for dinner at Gerry's even if there's no occasion. Such a nice and generous sister hehe! thanks ha! next time ulit! :) I only do things like that if it's my birthday and it rarely happens pa hehe! kuripot talaga!


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