18 months

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jared is now a year and a half! Let me try to recall some of his new developments...

  • His speech is getting better. He keeps on repeating after people so we really have to be careful to what we say. But he still has those "alien talks" - words we could not decipher.
  • He's more expressive in his feelings (joy and sorrow) and lets not forget his tantrums too.
  • He has already got rid of his habit of thumbsucking. It started when Ryan did a heart-to-heart talk with Jared :) He explained the disadvantages of thumbsucking and Jared seemed to listen. Well, that's really good news! But the bad news is he had figured out a way to continue his habit without disobeying his parents. He replaced that habit with the "remaining-four-fingers-sucking". Oh my! I believe this is all Ryan's fault since he only explained thumbsucking and did not mention his other fingers. :p Anyways, Jared rarely does it so not a problem at all.
  • He can now identify some parts of the body. "ay" for eyes, "no" for nose, "maw" for mouth, "ear" for ears, neck, "tin" for chin, "ampi" for armpit, "ebow" for elbow, "pit" for feet.
  • He loves reading books and also loves to be read to.
  • He is still afraid of elevators (ok, there is no development here :) )
  • He started to phase out one of his naps. It's now either in the late morning or the early afternoon but usually it's the latter.
  • He's getting better drinking from a straw. His favorite drink is yakult and he drinks or sips it as fast as a lightning! hehe!

There are more new developments but I cannot recall anymore at this time, so I'll have to save them for another time. So there, that's Jared at 18 months. :)


scrapgurl said...

If you were a scrapbooker, you could have documented that on a month by month yah know. Hehe! =p

Galeng naman nag heart to heart talk na sila at naintindihan nya!

scrapgurl said...

gwapo ni Jared dito ha! Mukhang totoong nagbabasa in fairness. =p

Jenny said...

oo naintindihan nya tlg! hehe! pero umiyak muna pagtapos nila mag usap.

ganyan sya maghawak ng book, serious tlg parang nagbabasa tlg hehe!

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