Earth Run

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At last! We got registered on a race for next month. It's been two months since our last race and we really had no practice run in between so we are still running for 5k haha! It's been almost a year since we started running and we're still on 5k, no improvements :(

Anyway, our first race was also earth run with the same organizer and I like them because they have the lowest reg fees without sacrificing the race quality. Here are the details..

Earth Run 2010
April 18, 2010, Sunday
Fort Global City, Taguig

Run for the Earth on April 18, Sunday with 3k, 5k, 16k and 21k-run categories at the Fort Global City, Taguig. All proceeds from the event will go to Greenpeace.

No onsite registration allowed. Registration fees for the race are as follows:
3k – P250
5k – P250
16k – P350
21k – P350

Registration is until April 11, Sunday at the following outlets:
Res Toe Run
1st Level Glorietta 4, Makati City
2nd Level, TriNoma Mall, Quezon City

Adevents Manila
73 William Shaw Street, Caloocan City
Mobile (0918) 467-4206 / (0917) 392-8343

Being active again

Monday, March 29, 2010

Went out to play badminton yesterday with the whole gang - SILs, MIL, hubs, and the newest member of the badminton team, Jared. It was a nice afternoon, not too sunny and a little windy. While we're on our way to the badminton court, Jared fell asleep in the car since he didn't take a nap that afternoon. So he was sleeping for almost an hour while we were all busy playing. Good thing we brought a stroller just in case he falls asleep, in that case, he did. He woke up while we're in our second set and he cheerfully cheered for us. :)

It was my first time to play with my 2 SILs and with our little one and MIL as the audience. After 2 sets of games, we went to the playground and let Jared play. We were all so hungry (no, starving) after and decided to head to the mall and have dinner.

Kids Earth Hour

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We went to Trinoma to attend the Kids Earth Hour 2010, an event which promotes both kids' being physically active and environmentally aware. It aims to promote fitness among kids without using any electronic things mainly by playing outdoors. You know kids these days, they spent most of their time on video games and computers which is not so healthy for them. I wish all kids would get to experience and learn the joy of playing outdoors.

Arrived at around five in the afternoon, just in time for registration. It was held at the 3rd level of Trinoma, wherein the venue was transformed into a giant playground. The kids enjoyed playing hopball, spider web, the giant trampoline, rocky mountain climbing, slide, earth walk and the velcroman.

Jared trying out the rocky mountain and slide

the spider web and the pool of balls

the nice lady teaching Jared how to play the hop ball

There was also a shadow play but we were not able to watch it since we had dinner at that time. Anyway, we went back immediately and when the lights were switched off, they distributed glow sticks for kids. Thanks to the major sponsor, Sustagen, who made this event really fun and enjoyable for kids as well as the parents too.

Again, let's all encourage our kids to unplug and play outdoors :)

Kids' Day Out

Monday, March 22, 2010

This post was a bit overdue because of some internet connection problems that we had for less than a week. Anyway, I still wanted to blog about it because my little one really had fun on this event. We went to the Mall of Asia 2 weeks ago with my friends Nec, Mike and their daughter, Lily. It was Nec who invited us since they have extra tickets and we had it all for free! (super thanks Nec!)

It started at exactly 4pm but we were not able to come to the venue on time since we grabbed some snack before going there. Nec and her family were there on the first appearance of Dora so they got to take really good photos with the mascot.

while Jared had it with other kids at the event

I thought that Spongebob will be there too along with Dora and Boots but too bad Dora was the only one who showed up. I just learned from Nec that Spongebob was in The Block, SM North at that same date and time. Anyway, there were lots of activities and games for kids, freebies for everyone and my favorite of all was the photo booth - the coolest and super "in" thing for parties and other events.

The program lasted only for about more than two hours but we definitely had fun. :)

We went home after dinner which was already past 8 in the evening. And this was our last photo before leaving the mall. I wanted to have that big colorful globe in our background but the cab blocked in and it was just my hubby who took the photo so it came out not that good. Oh well, next time :)

Friday night with the girls

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some photos from our post birthday celebration of my friend, Andy, with another good friend Janice. It was a dinner at TGIF and ice cream for dessert.. yum yum!

Super belated happy Birthday Andy! :)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My days have been a bit different than when we still have a yaya to help us with some chores and look after my little one while I am working. When Jared wakes up, I have to feed him milk and then after a little while he'll have his breakfast, bathe him, read a book and then let him play then I can have my time for work. Good thing I'm not working in a regular office that I can still work while looking after my son.

I am really enjoying it as I can personally take care of my little one. However, there are times that it gets a bit overwhelming. There are just times that I needed a break. So I really admire all the moms who have a handful of kids and they just seem to take it so easy.

Now I'm guilty of using the TV so that I can have free time. But I'm working on this, trying to lessen his tv time and suggest other activities like playtime together, art projects and reading.

He doesn't have much playmates in the neighborhood so he still doesn't know how to really socialize with kids. So we're planning to send him to school this coming school year. Unfortunately, schools won't accept him for nursery because he'll be only three this June and the required age should be 3.5 yrs. Finally, we decided to just enroll him in a toddler school wherein he can still learn and also gain friends.

Now that we still don't have a yaya and have some issues on getting a new one, I try to cherish and enjoy every moment. It was really fulfilling though sometimes overwhelming.. But it sure was all worth it.

Not sure if I'm still making sense here.. anyway, back to regular programming :)

Still alive

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello blogger world! I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last blog post. Been busy with lots of things and specially with the little one now that he has still no yaya. It's really hard to attend to a very active toddler. I always have to keep an eye on him while I work in the computer. He likes climbing into the windows and chairs and jumping while on the stairs. And when it's meal time, the real battle begins.. he really is super hard to feed. I'm just so thankful that in spite of him being a picky eater, he is a healthy and happy toddler.

Sharing some photos from our last two weeks..

the carousel addict.. taken at Waltermart in Gapan, Nueva Ecija

Free photo from Funlipix, one of the photo booths featured in the Ibarra's food tasting. It's really fun to be part of the planning of my sister's wedding

The little one feeding the goat.. photo taken in Batangas

Trying out one of his old costumes and somehow it still fits haha!

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