Banana Leaf

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Had a nice lunch at Banana Leaf (SM The Block branch) last Sunday courtesy of my sister, Arlene. It's an advanced celebration of her birthday on the 17th. Belated Happy Birthday sis! :)

Arlene suggested this place as she says that food here was good and it serves Southeast Asian cuisine. For appetizer, we had the Roti Canai which looks like a flattened bread and tasted like a soft lumpia wrapper. Maybe we made a mistake when we chose the condensed milk as dip instead of the curry sauce. We also had the Beef Brisket for soup which Jared really liked. Jared is becoming a soup person lately. Others that we had are the prawns singapore which is okay, fish fillet which I liked most, the noodles which name I forgot, the Thai green curry chicken which Ryan really liked, and the penang fried rice. I also liked the bottomless dalandan juice which they claim that its fresh juice and I think that it is. All in all, we really enjoyed the sumptuous lunch. Thanks to sis Arlene :)

The Birthday girl & the boyfie :)


Lynnette said...

oh I miss this resto! I ate there twice when I was still there... sa podium branch.. marami na pala silang branch... I love their food! Gusto ko yung roti nila, sarap isawsaw dun sa sauce! bakit condensed milk yung sawsawan nyo? nasa choices ba yun? anong lasa? hehe

Jenny said...

ewan ko ba, un kasi ung sinuggest ng waiter e hehe!

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