Playtime at Landmark

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's been a long time since I last posted on my blog. This day is the start of the "no-yay-day". Jared's nanny went home yesterday for good. We have to find a new yaya asap! I just had this opportunity today to go online since Jared is having his nap.. ok enough of that :)

Last Saturday, we decided to go to Trinoma since we don't have anything else to do and so that Jared can stroll and play with other kids. After some visit to different shops, we decided to go to the toy store at Landmark where there is a small play area for kids. The area has lots of TV sets, rubber mats on the floor and toys all over. Hubby and Jared went there while I shop for some clothes for Jared.
Well, he did really enjoy his time on that place. He also found a new friend, whom he influenced to also remove the rubber mats and play with it hehe! Anyway, looks like they really had a great time. After that, went to Sizzling Pepper steak for dinner. Ok, this will be another post. :)


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