Zip it!

Monday, December 29, 2008

We arrived at around four in the afternoon and headed straight to Zip Line area. Ziplining is P100 per head for one way. We got the 2-way ticket at first but later on we discovered that after the first ride, we have to wait in another line for the next ride all over again so we decided to just get the refund for the remaining tickets. Well, if you go one way, you will have to walk back using the bridge, which wasn’t too bad a walk. You have to pay an additional P100 if you want your photos taken by the crew which we did.

There is quite a long line in the Zip Line maybe because it's a holiday. We snap some pictures while waiting for our turn which luckily happened 10 yrs after :p

MIL, FIL & BIL looked after Jared while we're waiting in line. Jared got so busy running around and climbing up and down on some some inclined part in the picnic grove. They got so tired running after the hyper toddler.
If you noticed the thing below his nose.. it's a wound he got from being so hyper. It happened last 23rd. Ok, I know it's my fault since I was not able to save him from getting hurt.. my bad.. :(

After long hours of waiting, we finally got to do it.. below are our happy faces after the ride :)

my 2 SIL

H & me

Christmas updates

We spent the Christmas holidays in Batangas with my H's family. We did not have the traditional Noche Buena since Dec. 25 is their town's fiesta so the people were more on the celebration of their fiesta rather than Christmas. So here are the things we got busy of..

We celebrated Christmas day with H's relatives on his mom's side and everyone had a lot of fun. Too bad I was not able to take pictures since I was busy running around after Jared. He's becoming more active when there are lots of people around him.

The next day we went strolling by the beach (Taal lake) which was just a few blocks away from where we're staying.

Jared enjoyed playing with the cute little pet chicks of H's cousins. He enjoyed it so much that when it's time to go he strongly refused and started crying.

In the afternoon, we went to Tagaytay to try the Zip Line. Ok, I will write about this on another post :)


Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is where we had dinner last 16th in Trinoma with Jared & H. This was not our first choice but since we were already hungry and most of the restos are full, we decided to try Cibo as it was the place with less people. It was our first time to dine there. Service was good and the food was served without much waiting. These are what we had..

Complimentary chips
Obviously Jared can't wait to get hold of it, but he did not eat it he then gave it to us.

Crema Di Zucca - Summer squash, cream, slab bacon
We always had to have soup since we have a "soup-baby" in tow and he liked it.

Pollo Arrosto Limone - Roast chicken, lemon, pepper, parsley pilaf This is just so-so for me and also for H. It was just a simple roasted chicken, nothing special..

Farfalle alla Genovese - Mushrooms, basil pesto, cream
I love pesto but I didn't like this much, it was just ok

Ok, I know most of my comments about the food is not ok. With Cibo's prices, food must be really good so I kind of expected more or maybe we just ordered the wrong dishes..

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Have a great Holiday week ahead! :)

Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I bought a book recently which is all about how to discipline pre-school kids. The book has lots of topics and problems usually encountered by parents with preschool kids and gives most practical solutions on how to deal with such problem.

I have read some part of it and for me, it's a good book since I believe in a diplomatic kind of discipline (the one without shouting or spanking). But still I can't deny that there have been times that I shouted at my toddler.. and I want to change it. I just hope that I would always have the needed self control whenever my son will have his tantrums.

We're TWO years old!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

19 months

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jared is now 19 months. Here are some updates :

... He knows almost a hundred single words (Hooray for Jared!). Oh yes, we counted and listed all the words he know.. talk about being overly obsessive hehe! But he's still having a hard time pronouncing the sounds of letters S, R, & L like when he says six, it’s “tik”, lola – “yoya”, racket - "waket"

... He loves soups – any kind of soups. He’s still not an expert on chewing. He mostly just swallows his food. How can I get him into the chewing thing?

... When he farts, he always says "utot" (I have to say it.. pardon me)

... Not too enthusiastic about brushing his teeth. I have to always come up with different strategies so that I can clean his teeth.

... He doesn't know his ABCs but can recognize some of the numbers. He can recognize the numbers from 0 to 8 but doesn’t know yet that it’s for counting. I’m trying to teach him the number 9 but he gets confused and thinks it is just the number 6.

... He's getting better at sorting shapes. He's able to fit in the shapes (circle, oval, flower, star, triangle, square & cross) into the right slots.

... Likes to play with the telephone. Takes up the receiver, put it at his ear, and talk like someone was really on the line. funny!

Happy 19 Months to our baby Jared! Mami & Papi love you! :)

New Playmate

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Tita Elena came to visit us this afternoon with his cutie grandson, Keenan. They arrived when Jared was having his afternoon nap but then woke up after a while or before Keenan got totally bored. Keenan brought some toys for Jared (how sweet!). It's so fun to just watch them play. Keenan, 2 years older than Jared, really talks a lot. I' suddenly got excited with the thought of Jared talking like that too. :)

For the whole day, they were so busy running around, it was impossible to snap good pictures. So I thought of letting them watch TV so I can take their pic. Here's the best one I managed to get..

Tita had a hard time convincing Keenan to leave. Whenever she would ask Keenan about it his reply would always be "mamaya na muna". Looked like he really enjoyed having Jared as his playmate and of course Jared enjoyed it too... a lot! I hope they'll come back soon. :)

COLDs Rush

Hubby and Jared both have colds. It was Jared that had it first just last week and good thing after a few days it was gone. Then H had it next then just yesterday Jared caught it again. I think he caught it from H who is getting well already. So the last night's sleep was not good for Jared. He woke up twice in the middle of the night because of stuffy nose. Haaay.. Is it because of the weather?

Enchanted Kingdom

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We decided to go to EK after the baptism since we were already within the area. We just got the carousel special ticket since we really won't be able to ride as we have a toddler in tow. Went there with my sis Lyn, mom, H & Jared. It was Jared's first time to visit EK. Here are some pics.

waiting in line for the grand carousel
At first, Jared liked the ride but when the motion seemed to never stop he got scared

This is what he enjoyed most.. the tunnels in the PeTREEfied House

He also liked crossing the bridge

at the boulderville trains

Baby Vince's Christening

Monday, December 8, 2008

Went to Laguna yesterday to attend the Christening of Grace's son, Vincent. The ceremony was held at Don Bosco Church and reception followed at Sta. Rosa Heights Clubhouse. Baby Vince was always asleep in the reception. He just woke up in time for a diaper change. So I took the opportunity to take his pic while he's awake.

He loves posing for the camera.. don't you think?

After eating, we explored the rest of the place. It was so windy at that time and Jared liked it so much. He would literally shout for joy when the wind blows.

posing beside a tree.. lalang.. hehe!

Potty Training

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We bought Jared a potty trainer when he turned 15 months. We started with training him to poop on his potty. Whenever we see him start doing it, we will immediately lead him to his potty and say "poopoo". We chose that word because it's easier to pronounce. I also informed everyone at home that we will be using only one term for it so he can get to familiarize with it faster.

And now he says "poopoo" whenever he feels like making a bowel movement. After that, we will bring him to his potty and let him do his thing. He will then stand up when he's done. He does not soil his diapers with poop anymore. I'm so happy! Now, we have to train him how to pee and aim at his potty and maybe how to remove his underpants. Good luck to us! :)

Maligayang Kaarawan

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

sa pinakagwapo, pinakamabait at pinakamamahal kong asawa!
pakiss nga! :p

UST visit

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Went to UST yesterday to take Jared for a walk (and run). It was the only place I know nearby where Jared can play in the grass fields. I was hoping that there are some kids that he can interact with - and we're lucky there were a couple of toddlers too. Too bad it was already dark when we reached the place because of the slow traffic in Lacson St. But still Jared enjoyed running and playing in the soccer field. He kept on saying that the "U" in UST is letter "m" hehe! Well, he has a point since the U looks like m when turned upside down :p. And since he doesn't know the alphabet yet, he sees the letter S as "5". What a smart boy! hehe :)

ang mga palaboy sa ust

family pic

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