New Playmate

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Tita Elena came to visit us this afternoon with his cutie grandson, Keenan. They arrived when Jared was having his afternoon nap but then woke up after a while or before Keenan got totally bored. Keenan brought some toys for Jared (how sweet!). It's so fun to just watch them play. Keenan, 2 years older than Jared, really talks a lot. I' suddenly got excited with the thought of Jared talking like that too. :)

For the whole day, they were so busy running around, it was impossible to snap good pictures. So I thought of letting them watch TV so I can take their pic. Here's the best one I managed to get..

Tita had a hard time convincing Keenan to leave. Whenever she would ask Keenan about it his reply would always be "mamaya na muna". Looked like he really enjoyed having Jared as his playmate and of course Jared enjoyed it too... a lot! I hope they'll come back soon. :)


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