19 months

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jared is now 19 months. Here are some updates :

... He knows almost a hundred single words (Hooray for Jared!). Oh yes, we counted and listed all the words he know.. talk about being overly obsessive hehe! But he's still having a hard time pronouncing the sounds of letters S, R, & L like when he says six, it’s “tik”, lola – “yoya”, racket - "waket"

... He loves soups – any kind of soups. He’s still not an expert on chewing. He mostly just swallows his food. How can I get him into the chewing thing?

... When he farts, he always says "utot" (I have to say it.. pardon me)

... Not too enthusiastic about brushing his teeth. I have to always come up with different strategies so that I can clean his teeth.

... He doesn't know his ABCs but can recognize some of the numbers. He can recognize the numbers from 0 to 8 but doesn’t know yet that it’s for counting. I’m trying to teach him the number 9 but he gets confused and thinks it is just the number 6.

... He's getting better at sorting shapes. He's able to fit in the shapes (circle, oval, flower, star, triangle, square & cross) into the right slots.

... Likes to play with the telephone. Takes up the receiver, put it at his ear, and talk like someone was really on the line. funny!

Happy 19 Months to our baby Jared! Mami & Papi love you! :)


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