Zip it!

Monday, December 29, 2008

We arrived at around four in the afternoon and headed straight to Zip Line area. Ziplining is P100 per head for one way. We got the 2-way ticket at first but later on we discovered that after the first ride, we have to wait in another line for the next ride all over again so we decided to just get the refund for the remaining tickets. Well, if you go one way, you will have to walk back using the bridge, which wasn’t too bad a walk. You have to pay an additional P100 if you want your photos taken by the crew which we did.

There is quite a long line in the Zip Line maybe because it's a holiday. We snap some pictures while waiting for our turn which luckily happened 10 yrs after :p

MIL, FIL & BIL looked after Jared while we're waiting in line. Jared got so busy running around and climbing up and down on some some inclined part in the picnic grove. They got so tired running after the hyper toddler.
If you noticed the thing below his nose.. it's a wound he got from being so hyper. It happened last 23rd. Ok, I know it's my fault since I was not able to save him from getting hurt.. my bad.. :(

After long hours of waiting, we finally got to do it.. below are our happy faces after the ride :)

my 2 SIL

H & me


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