First post for 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It’s been so long since my last post. We just transferred our office so we still have no internet connection. OK, there were lots of things that happened and I'll start it with our new year's eve.

We spent the New Year's Eve with my mom and sisters. We had a simple and nice dinner, I should say because I was one of the cooks. I cooked shrimps and made a no bake strawberry cheesecake which was on the palpak side.. hehe! It became a bit sour. My sister Tin cooked carbonara with my help of course :) and turned out great.

Jared slept late in the afternoon so he was still awake when the clock struck 12. He was so hyper at that time maybe because it was his first time to celebrate the New Year.

We observed that fireworks were not as crazy as the years past maybe because of the crisis and people have become wiser. It was also raining at that evening so people did not have the chance to light their fireworks.


scrapgurl said...

Uy patikim ng strawberry cheesecake mo! =)

Not so fun celebration in our house as well kasi 2 lang kami! and it was raining nga we didn't get to watch the fireworks from the terrace. We have a 360 view from there pa naman.

Jenny said...

Sure! meron pa nga sa ref e, ayaw nila kainin e.. sama noh.

Anonymous said...

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