20 months

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jared turned 20 months yesterday. And no, I did not forget; just didn't had the chance to go online and post. Here goes..

... He has become so vocal. If he's angry, he says "galit". If he's gonna cry or has cried, he says "iyak". If he's afraid, he says "takot". If he feels that he'd choke, he says "tuka" for suka. If he's happy he says "tawa" or "tawa naman". If he's hurt, he says "takit" for sakit. Funny!
... He plays on his own a lot more. He'd doodle (he says "dowen" for drawing) on his magnetic doodle pad. Whenever we ask him what he's drawing, he would say water or air sometimes or numbers or letters
... He enjoys being around with other kids his age. He says "bata" or "baby" whenever he sees them.
... Likes to play at the curtain. He'll hide behind the sheer, walk forward till his face is unveiled and say "eat... ga!"
... Very interested to open and close drawers and cabinets
... He still hates brushing his teeth.
... We're having naptime problems. Before he takes his nap from 1-3pm or 1-4pm which is good because he can still sleep early at night but now he takes his nap around 3-5pm which makes him sleep around 9 or 10pm.. :(
... He addresses every member of the family correctly. Like he can say lolo, lola, tita, ninong, umpe, ate, kuya
... He knows the number 9 and almost all the alphabets (capital letters) except for the letters R, S, V & Z.
... He loves opening and closing doors - our personal doorman

I love this toddler so much! I can't describe it!

Happy 20 months my little boy! :)


scrapgurl said...

happy 20th month in this world little cutie Jared!!!!!

from Ninang Cel

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