Swimming Lessons

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our swimming lessons were completed about two weeks ago. It was a 10 day class teaching us basic swimming skills. In my group, we learned the survival swim, basic freestyle, and backstroke. I'm not yet good with them so I need to practice some more.

On the other hand, my little one was so afraid of submerging himself. It's the first thing that they have to learn but he was so scared of doing it. That's the reason why he's way behind his classmates in swimming.

Good thing, on the last few days of the lessons, he wasn't that scared anymore. And I can see that he's trying to learn. But he has not yet learned how to float so we are gonna enroll him again next year or might be every summer as long as he likes it. And another good thing, hubby just volunteered to practice or train our little one in swimming. :)

How we spent his 4th Bday

Friday, May 27, 2011

My precious little one turned four a couple weeks back and since he loves to swim play in the water, we thought of having a pool party with the whole family (hubby's side and mine).

And since it's his birthday, we prepared his favorite foods.. it's ok if most of them are junk hehe!

We got him an inflatable boat without paddles but he said he wants the paddle.. hmm..

He got cute gifts from her tita Mane (not in the photo), his favorite angrybirds stuff toys.

Here's the whole gang frolicking in the water

Weekend Update

Monday, May 23, 2011

Had a fully packed weekend with my wonderful family and friends. Saturday was our flu vaccine day. We availed the shot from the company where my friend works for, since it was a lot cheaper compared when you avail it directly from doctors. Our sunday was about swimming and boxing but wasn't able to bring my cam so I'll just post about the vaccine day.

Vaccination is at Makati and so we have decided to let our little one experience riding a train, the MRT. Parked the car at the mall in North Ave. and from there we walked our way heading to the MRT. It was Jared's first time and he was so excited.

Here's his dad explaining to him how to insert the MRT ticket

Got off at Buendia station and headed to Ayala Triangle Gardens to meet up with Nectar and her family. By that time it was already lunch time so we went straight to the resto to feed our tummies.

The garden looks nice and seems well maintained and the grass looks really nice on photos so we took pictures before going to the office for vaccination. Here are some.

After the photo op, we went straight to the vaccination - our main purpose! haha! Adults get the shot first. Here are the kids while waiting for their turn - busy with their doodling.

It was a really tiring day with all that walking we did. Look how tired my son was haha! We were suppose to shop first but we were all so exhausted we just went home immediately.

To my little son-shine

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I can't believe that you are now four today. It seems just like yesterday when you came screaming into this world. And from the day you were born you have brought so much happiness and joy to our life. Mami and Papi always pray that you'd always be in good health and that you'd grow to be a good man that God wants you to be. I so look forward to watching you grow up, but please don't rush it along. Everyday I spend with you is so precious to me. I love you my little angel! Happy 4th Birthday!


10 Commandments

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I found this from a certain website about marriage. It's a nice read and if you have time, print it out and post it on your bedroom. :)

Ten Commandments for the Twentieth Century Husband

  1. Thou shalt put thy wife before they mother, thy father, thy son, and thy daughter, for thy wife is thy lifelong companion.
  2. Abuse not thy body by overeating, by tobacco, or drink, that thy days may be many and healthful in the presence of thy loved ones.
  3. Permit neither thy business nor thy hobby to make of thee a stranger to thy children, for the most precious gift a man giveth his family is his time.
  4. Forget not the virtue of cleanliness.
  5. Make not thy wife a beggar, but share willingly with her thy worldly goods.
  6. Forget not to say "I love you," for even though thy love be constant thy wife doth yearn to hear these words.
  7. Remember that the approval of thy wife is worth more than the admiring glances of a hundred strangers. Cleave unto her and forsake all others.
  8. Keep thy home in good repair, for out of it cometh the joys of old age.
  9. Forgive with grace, for who among us does not need to be forgiven?
  10. Honor the Lord all the days of thy life, and thy children will rise up and call thee blessed.

Ten Commandments for Wives

Since I am a wife, I will try to put little comments on each :)
  1. Carefully guard thine health so thou canst always greet thy husband with a smile.
  2. Never nag or complain. - I don't usually nag but I sometimes complain.. or was it really sometimes?
  3. Do not worry about things which thou canst not change. - why do guys always leave their dirty clothes on the floor? ok, I know it's hard to change it.. but can't they just try? :)
  4. Do not spend all thy time scrubbing, cleaning, and dusting the house. - I don't!
  5. Love thine husband and children more than thy house.
  6. Know how to prepare good, nutritious food and keep it on the table. - still learning :)
  7. Know the limitations of thy husband's income and do not try to keep up with others. - a must!
  8. Do not buy a hat or hairdo or wig that makes thy husband unhappy. - still thinking about this
  9. Remember that at times silence is golden. - agree!
  10. Do not drive the automobile from back or side seat. - Good thing I always drive from the driver's seat :p

All geared up

Monday, May 2, 2011

Swim Cap-
Kick board-
Swim wear -

I enrolled my kid to swimming class just last week at Bert Lozada Swim School. It has 10 sessions per course and one hour per day. I chose the earliest time in the morning so he won't have to deal with sunburns.

And after a few days I thought of also enrolling myself in a swim class coz I really don't know how to swim. I only know back floating and that's it haha! Hubby also agreed that I should and that it's never too late. In fact, I learned from the swimming school that they have students from the current batch ages 30, 52 and 66! I was so happy that I'm not their oldest student.

So I decided and enrolled myself with the same schedule as my son. We'll be on the same pool but with different instructors and hubby would be watching us and taking our pictures. Isn't that fun? :)

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