A Post-Christmas get-together

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Had a great day yesterday at Nec's home with my close friends/former officemates from P&G. I went with my H and Jared. Everyone came with delicious foods to share. We had shrimps cooked by Nec, lasagna & shrimp mushroom pasta bought by Toneth for me - as my share (thanks gurl!), liempo & chopsuey from Toneth, tasty chicken from Janice and the yummy cake from Ann. We agreed to wear shades of purple or violet as our theme but Ann couldn't find her purple blouse so she's kind of 'op' in the pic hehe!

It's been ages since I last saw these girls. Ann and her family were in Belgium for quite some time; Janice got so busy with her work, she didn't have the time to join us for some dinner (Mare, it's okay!:) )

So we did a whole day of talking, eating, drinking, singing & catching up with each other. Carmie didn't get to join us as she was so busy preparing for her wedding at the end of this month. Btw, the husbands (Andrew, Ryan & Mike) were also present which made the party more fun. But I think the ones who really enjoyed the day were the kids - Nathan, Jared & Lily. They were so busy playing, dancing, singing & running. They got so excited that they were not able to take their afternoon nap. I was trying to take some good photos of the tots but they were all busy running around, which made it impossible for me to do it. But they were still so cute! I really enjoyed watching them play.

Overall, everyone had a blast! My special thanks to Nec and her family for welcoming us into your home. I hope we can do this again soon. Next time, dala na kame ng mattress ha! ;)


scrapgurl said...

Parang tumaba si Janice...

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