The Bikers

Monday, June 29, 2009

We just bought a bike for the little one last Sunday so we were all eager to try it on outside the house. Good thing, Sid, a 3-yr-old boy in the neighborhood went out to play with Jared. They both have bikes and Sid already knows how to pedal while Jared still has to be guided.
After some biking time, little Sid got tired of it and invited Jared over in their house to play basketball. And when they both got tired of playing ball, Sid asked Jared to come inside so they can watch DVD. We enjoyed watching them play. Sid speaks not so clear yet so we have to interpret what he said to Jared but still they enjoyed each other's company. Looking forward to their next play date. :)


It's 5k again at UP and this time we were not late. We still had time for stretching (though we did not) and sightseeing (of celebrities). We decided to stay at the front side this time with all the fast runners. About a minute in the race, I was starting to feel tired. It's really frustrating that after about two minutes, I started walking. My friends advised me not to walk while in the race and that it's better to run slow than just walk, but I could not do it. So I alternated walking and running but it's more of the walking. I was not able to check my time at the finishline but I think it's about an hour argggh!

But after the run, we were greeted by lots of freebies. We got chips from E-aji, sparkling water, and breakfast meal from monterey. Nice and generous sponsors. I was already full even before we had the real breakfast at.... tadah! Mcdo again hehe!
And another thing, we were able to take a picture with one celebrity, JC of Unang Hirit, not sure of his surname though..

My 25th Bday

Monday, June 22, 2009

I celebrated my birthday last weekend with my family (H's and my side). Okay, it's not my 25th, I just want to feel like 25 again haha!

I just want to thank everyone who made my bday a blast! My sincere thanks to MIL and umpe for preparing the special carbonara and chicken, to my mom for the cake and the shoes (got it in advance), to my sis for the pretty dress you gave me (can't wait to wear it!), to my hubby for taking time to prepare food on my birthday, oops.. for ordering takeout pala.. and to my little one for singing "happy birthday" to mummy. Thanks to my wonderful friends who greeted me, to my Tita Elen for the cake (this came a day after, sort of another celebration) OK, I'm sounding like a celebrity here so I'll just leave you with some photos :)

PTAA Charity Run

Monday, June 15, 2009

The husband and I left the house at 5am, went to fetch Cel and then headed straight to UP. Since I ate a lot the night before because of all the parties we attended, I just had pandesal to fuel myself for my first 5k run.

We arrived a bit late as we spent quite some time looking for our parking slot. Good thing, the race did not start exactly on time. The 10k runners were still there when we arrived but after a few minutes we were then off.

Most parts of the roads are hilly so I had a harder time. I decided to run an easy pace to conserve my strength and then sprint on the last part. But after a little while, I was already exhausted. So what I did was run for a while and then walk a lot because of exhaustion. I didn't know that I had to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. I was breathing all the way through my mouth only. I really didn't like my performance in this race. My clock in was 47 minutes and 27 seconds. I finished last among my friends and I really need to practice.

After the race, we went to get our finisher shirts which I did not liked much. Anyway, the raffle draw prizes were great. In fact, Cel won a hotel accommodation in bora for 3D/2N. Lucky girl!

We had our post-race meal at McDonalds again. I hope on our next race that we will eat somewhere that's not Mcdo (haha!)

Until the next run!

The Saturday that was

It has been a busy day for us. We left for Gapan at around eight in the morning with my mom, sister, H and Jared. First we went to my cousin Riz's house to visit her newborn baby Zia. She was born last June 4. She's big for a 9-day old baby because according to her mom, she nurses a lot from her.

Then in the afternoon, we went to another cousin's house to attend his son's 4th birthday. This was the one that Jared really enjoyed. He enjoyed watching the clowns (we're different here, I don't like them) and the kiddie games.

In the evening was the celebration of my uncle's birthday. I had not taken photos on this one as everyone got busy when the food was served. :)

25 months

Sunday, June 14, 2009

He turned 25 months on the 12th of June. Nope, I didn't forget I was just busy doing things.. so..

Belated happy 25 months my cutie Jared!


... He sings a lot more now. He can sing some simple nursery rhymes like "Rain, rain, go away", "Are you sleeping", "Twinkle, twinkle", "I love you (barney)", "Skip to my Lou", etc. He also sings tagalog songs like "Tayong dalawa" (of ABS-CBN), "Di ko kaya" .. and he sings them with feelings! haha!

... He seems to be more attached to Mummy and would ask for me everytime I'm out of his sight. Maybe because we're always together and he's not used to not having me around anymore. I kinda like this one :) though I sometimes find this restricting but I still like it anyway :)

...He is also more vocal in his rejections and demands. Like when he doesn't want the TV program we're watching, he would say "Ayaw ng tayong dalawa" (he doesn't like soap operas hehe!) and would change the channel by pressing the channel buttons.

...He's entered the endless-question-asking phase. I would always hear from him "Anu yan?", "Sino yan?"

...When we stroll along the mall, he wants to have his both hands held by mommy and poppy then he would lean forward with all of his weight. naughty!

...He can count 1 to 10 in tagalog and he can sing his abcs clearer than before.

And that's Jared at 25 months :)

Upcoming races

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was able to register on 3 running events, two for this month and another one for July. On Sunday, I will join the 1st PTAA Charity Run at UP Diliman. They did not provide singlets but all finishers will get shirts from them.

On June 28, my friends and I will be joining the GREEN IS GOOD (GIG) RUN at UP also. Registration Fee is P250, inclusive of the GIG Run Singlet. Joined the 5k category too.

And the last one, which my friend Nec had us registered, the Milo Marathon (super thanks Nec!) This is the cheapest so far, only P100 for the 5k category.

These will be my first 5k races. Wish me luck! I sure will be needing tons of it :)

Sophia's Baptism

Went to our province in the north last weekend to attend my niece's baptism (cousin's side). My sister was one of the godmothers of baby Sophia. The ceremony went well and we had sumptuous lunch at the reception.

group pic with baby Sophia and some relatives

But before that, when we're still on our way to the place, we stopped over at Robinsons Starmills to shop for some things and grabbed some snacks. The husband and the little one tried the toy car for rent and Jared really enjoyed it. And boy, we had a hard time convincing him to leave after their 2 rides.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lately, we've been dealing with middle of the night interruptions from Jared. He usually wakes up crying because of his nightmares and asks us to find Spongebob. There was one time that he wanted to go out of our room and asked us to open the door to look for his spongebob toy. He led his father outside the room to look for spongebob but returned immediately when he saw none. But after a while he would go back to sleep. I wonder if he ever fully wakes up from his dreams.

I've been trying to explain to him that it was only a dream and dreams are not real but I think he's too little to understand it. He is so into spongebob maybe that's why he dreams of it often. I think I should divert his attention to other things..

Tin's grad

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My sister Tin graduated from college yesterday. I was not able to bring Jared with us since kids his age are not allowed inside the convention center. It was held at PICC from 2-5pm. The graduation ceremony was actually shorter than what I expected maybe because of the less number of students participating in the ceremony. Mine dragged on for so long because we had the whole college of science students graduating.

I am so very proud of the young woman she has become and with all the achievements she got. I'm sure if my dad's still here, he would be the happiest. He was the most excited about it back then.
Anyway, after the ceremony we went to the Mall of Asia to have dinner with my Aunt and cousins. We decided to try Highlands China Palace at the 2nd floor of MOA. The place was set like an ancient palace.

We had siomai, hakao, crabmeat and corn soup - yummy with real crabmeat, chicken and prawn salad - this one's my favorite, beef in pepper sauce, salt and pepper pork spareribs, seasonal vegetables with garlic and of course the all-time favorite yang chow fried rice.

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