25 months

Sunday, June 14, 2009

He turned 25 months on the 12th of June. Nope, I didn't forget I was just busy doing things.. so..

Belated happy 25 months my cutie Jared!


... He sings a lot more now. He can sing some simple nursery rhymes like "Rain, rain, go away", "Are you sleeping", "Twinkle, twinkle", "I love you (barney)", "Skip to my Lou", etc. He also sings tagalog songs like "Tayong dalawa" (of ABS-CBN), "Di ko kaya" .. and he sings them with feelings! haha!

... He seems to be more attached to Mummy and would ask for me everytime I'm out of his sight. Maybe because we're always together and he's not used to not having me around anymore. I kinda like this one :) though I sometimes find this restricting but I still like it anyway :)

...He is also more vocal in his rejections and demands. Like when he doesn't want the TV program we're watching, he would say "Ayaw ng tayong dalawa" (he doesn't like soap operas hehe!) and would change the channel by pressing the channel buttons.

...He's entered the endless-question-asking phase. I would always hear from him "Anu yan?", "Sino yan?"

...When we stroll along the mall, he wants to have his both hands held by mommy and poppy then he would lean forward with all of his weight. naughty!

...He can count 1 to 10 in tagalog and he can sing his abcs clearer than before.

And that's Jared at 25 months :)


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