My 25th Bday

Monday, June 22, 2009

I celebrated my birthday last weekend with my family (H's and my side). Okay, it's not my 25th, I just want to feel like 25 again haha!

I just want to thank everyone who made my bday a blast! My sincere thanks to MIL and umpe for preparing the special carbonara and chicken, to my mom for the cake and the shoes (got it in advance), to my sis for the pretty dress you gave me (can't wait to wear it!), to my hubby for taking time to prepare food on my birthday, oops.. for ordering takeout pala.. and to my little one for singing "happy birthday" to mummy. Thanks to my wonderful friends who greeted me, to my Tita Elen for the cake (this came a day after, sort of another celebration) OK, I'm sounding like a celebrity here so I'll just leave you with some photos :)


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