A day at the mall

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Went to Trinoma today with H and Jared to stroll and buy some things. We left home at around 2pm which was Jared's nap time so he was asleep in the car while we traveled. He woke up exactly as we hit the parking lot. I think he sensed that it's time to wake up or else he'll be left in the car :p When we got inside the mall, we headed straight to the food choices area to buy a drink for the thirsty husband. We came across the Slammer Burgers joint and got interested to try it. Well, H must have really liked it since he took some bite on my 2nd burger without me knowing it and the little one enjoyed the fries with the sour cream dip.

Afterwards, I went to Landmark to shop while Jared burns off his energy he acquired from his nap by running around the store while H runs after him. When I finished off my shopping, the tired father asked if we could rest and sit for a while, so we opt to have dinner then. We were all so exhausted after and decided to call it a day. :)


scrapgurl said...

This was actually our lunch last 01.01.08. Sarap diba! My favorite dip for the fries is the balsamic basil, and garlic basil. See my post here:


Jenny said...

mukhang masarap nga ung mga may basil ah parang pesto, next time matry nga un :)

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