Potty Training

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We bought Jared a potty trainer when he turned 15 months. We started with training him to poop on his potty. Whenever we see him start doing it, we will immediately lead him to his potty and say "poopoo". We chose that word because it's easier to pronounce. I also informed everyone at home that we will be using only one term for it so he can get to familiarize with it faster.

And now he says "poopoo" whenever he feels like making a bowel movement. After that, we will bring him to his potty and let him do his thing. He will then stand up when he's done. He does not soil his diapers with poop anymore. I'm so happy! Now, we have to train him how to pee and aim at his potty and maybe how to remove his underpants. Good luck to us! :)


scrapgurl said...

Sana may picture habang nagpoopoo si Jared! hehe!

Jenny said...

lalagyan ko nga sana kaya lang baka paglaki nya tapos malaman nya na ni-blog ko un, baka itakwil nya ko hehe!

Lynnette said...

hahaha! I'm training Zachary also right now! :) Minsan successful, minsan hindi... ang hirap kasi minsan nagsasabi sya while he's actually pooping already, tapos he poops 2-3 times a day!

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