Weekend in batangas

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Saturday, we went to Batangas with my in-laws to attend the debut party of Ryan's cousin. It was a long trip due to the very slow traffic in EDSA. We reached Bauan at 6pm, changed clothes and went straight to the party. The venue was so nicely decorated. I didn't realize that a basketball court would turn into such beautiful place.

It was Jared's first time to attend such party. I know it's not good for toddlers staying up late but what can I do, we all thought that we will just stay there for a short period of time and we didn't know that the program before dinner will be that long. It was a really nice and fun party. Anyway, we then left few minutes after dinner as Jared needs to sleep.

Jared with his lola Mayet

We slept at my In-laws’ house in Agoncillo that night. Come morning, went to the Jolly beach so that Jared can play and swim.

Jared with his Tita Kimberly and papi

We reached home at around eleven in the evening. We were all so tired but definitely we all enjoyed our little vacation.


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