Busy weekend

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Friday, I installed the AVG antivirus on my computer. After the installation, I scanned right away before I finished updating the antivirus. It had detected 3 viruses and I immediately clicked HEAL then it was healed I guess. I left the computer for a while since the antivirus was not yet fully updated and when I came back to check.. the blue screen kept on appearing and the system kept on restarting. I was so pissed of.. with the virus and the antivirus grrr! I don't know what to do with it so we decided to bring it to the repair shop.

Went to the computer shops on SM Fairview but none of them accepted it for repair since they don't carry the MSI brand.. another grrr! The following day we decided it to bring it to where I bought it (SM city Cyberzone) since it's still under warranty. We went to the new annex of SM city north since the cyberzone has already moved there. When the computer was checked, the technician told us that the problem is the software and it is not under warranty so we had to pay for that service. We were also told that it will take for about 2-3 hours so while we're waiting, we looked for a resto where we can have lunch.

Since the place is just newly built, there were only a few restaurants that were already opened, so we just chose TOSH. At first, we were hesitant to dine there since my mom and sisters told us that the food there especially the pasta is just so so.. With that, we decided to just order the rice meals, Parmesan crusted fish fillet and American baked spareribs plus the Cream of Spinach soup. And for me, the food tasted good. The only complaint of H is the small serving size, well it's because he has a big appetite but for me it's just OK. My only complaint is the place being not so kid-friendly since they don't have highchairs for kids. I hope they realize the need for it.

Then we went back to the computer shop to check the laptop and good thing the problem was solved and it was already ok. Now I'm back to the online world! :)

When we got home, we went straight to our neighbor's 7th Birthday party. It was a food-and-fun-filled party.


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