Water babies

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It was a nice Sunday morning and Jared got rid of the colds he's been having for a week. We were all waiting for him to get well so that he can use his new inflatable pool given by his lola M. It was also that same Sunday (afternoon) when we went to the hospital to have my then pregnancy checked. Anyways, he really enjoyed the water. At first he was so hesitant to swim or just move in the pool as it was his first time to try it so I requested H to join him. And it helped, once H was there Jared started to play with water. He likes splashing water to everyone around him and says "basa ang mami", "basa ang lola" and whenever we ask him to get out of the pool, he strongly refuses and says "ayaw, ayaw, ayaw".

waiting for the pool to be filled

"tagal naman mommy"

bonding time


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