Gagging in toddlers

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jared has been refusing rice meals since the day he got mouth sores. When he had it, he refused to eat anything maybe because it hurts when he chews food. So I decided to process his food in a blender so he can just swallow it and won't feel the pain. But when he got well and I started feeding him textured foods (rice meals), he still refused. He always wanted it smooth so he can just swallow it. He gags or throws up when he eats something textured but this is only on rice meals. At most times, he spits out when he sensed that the food is not blended/processed. On the other hand, he loves eating crackers and cookies. I wonder if he really dislikes the taste and texture of rice or he just liked the idea of eating soft foods effortlessly.

I envy all the other kids of his age who are eating adult foods so well. I have already consulted this to his pedia and she told us to just start with soft rice and keep reintroducing things and then he will eventually grow out of it. I wish that this 'eventually' becomes 'instantly'.. sigh..


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