Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have mentioned in my previous post that I've been experiencing some stomach cramps and spotting. Then a day after that post, the spotting suddenly became menstrual like bleeding. I immediately informed my ob about it and she advised us to go to the hospital right away to check if I already had miscarriage. I knew something was wrong. I sort of knew it was happening because I didn't experience this when I carried Jared. So off we went to the hospital to have it checked. The results found that my cervix was 2cm dilated and that the placenta was on its way out so I needed to undergo D&C immediately. But because we grabbed a snack just before going to the delivery room, they cannot do the D&C right away so we have to wait for 5 hours for the food to be digested. It was a very long 5 hours of waiting. I'm a bit nervous of the procedure since I've read that the pain was the same as when you gave birth. But actually, I did not experience any pain since I'm under anesthesia.. thank God. We stayed there overnight and went home the following day. It's sad but we're all okay. I was so glad that H was there with me all throughout.


::K:: said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Di bale dadating din ang 2nd baby, in time.

Jenny said...

korek ka jan, thanks! :)

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