23 months

Monday, April 13, 2009

...He's getting more talkative and loves to sing.

...He knows how to make the sign of the cross and pray the "Angel of God" He likes to fill in the blanks. He can say the last word of every line in the said prayer.

...He can recite the numbers 1-10. But usually it's 2 to 10. Always starts with 2 and forgets number 1.

...He's closed to being completely potty trained. He always says poopoo whenever he feels like making a bm. Before he usually says "umihi" after he has already peed but now he says it just before he pees and waits till he reached the toilet.

...I think his fear of the elevator has somewhat subsided. We tried to take him inside one and his reaction was relaxed compared before.

...Can recognize colors such as blue and red. He knows other colors such as gree, yellow, white but not that consistent in identifying them.

...He just loves the water so much. He loves swimming whether in a pool or beach.

...Loves playing basketball with his papi and sometimes with his yaya

...And the biggest issue, he hardly chews his food when he eats anything with rice.

And.. I guess that's all I can recall right now. So there. I will continue to keep track of Jared's progress, for memory's sake! :)

Happy 23 months Jared!


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