Swimming Lessons

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our swimming lessons were completed about two weeks ago. It was a 10 day class teaching us basic swimming skills. In my group, we learned the survival swim, basic freestyle, and backstroke. I'm not yet good with them so I need to practice some more.

On the other hand, my little one was so afraid of submerging himself. It's the first thing that they have to learn but he was so scared of doing it. That's the reason why he's way behind his classmates in swimming.

Good thing, on the last few days of the lessons, he wasn't that scared anymore. And I can see that he's trying to learn. But he has not yet learned how to float so we are gonna enroll him again next year or might be every summer as long as he likes it. And another good thing, hubby just volunteered to practice or train our little one in swimming. :)


scrapgurl14 said...

Ayan, we can actually go for a swim na. You can keep up na with me. =)

Jenny said...

gow! swimming na tayo! competitive swimming nato! chos! haha!

uy surfing naman tayo sa la union!

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