Monday, July 13, 2009

We arrived so early at the race venue at around 4:30. This was our earliest arrival in all the races we've joined. Blame it on our misunderstanding about the exact start time. The good thing is that Cel & I had more time for chitchats and H found his college classmate to chat with.

There were only three of us (Cel, H & me) who joined this race because Sandra and her cousins joined a different race on that same day, the Fit & Fun run at The Fort. I noticed that there were few participants in this race compared to the previous races we've joined. So I assumed that a lot of runners joined that other race.

There were three categories - 18K, 6K and 2K for kids. The 18K runners were the first off. We 6k runners got off a few minutes later. Yes, we joined the 6k category, no choice as there is no 5k category. Anyway, it was a challenge for me. The race started a few minutes late than scheduled maybe because of the weather but good thing the skies were clear when it officially started.

This race was very challenging because of the category being my first 6k and the course having a lot of transitions from hills to flats. So when I started to feel tired, I decided to just walk on the uphill part and run on downhills which was easier for me. I also tried to lessen my rest time or walk time as I really want to improve my PR. Luckily I clocked in at 46:33 (unofficial) which I was so proud of :) That was almost the same time I finished the 5k category at the PTAA run. Improving diba!

After the race, we went to a nearby sari-sari store/lugawan for our breakfast. So happy that we didn't have to go to mcdo again hehe!


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