Milo Marathon

Monday, July 6, 2009

We joined the 5k fun run of the 33rd National Milo Marathon. Since the run will be held at the Quirino Grandstand which is so far from our place, we decided to leave 2 hours before the run time. Luckily, we arrived a bit early at around 5am and then parked along Kalaw ave. After a little while, Nec & Mike, our Milo running mates arrived.

the love birds

It was my first time to join such a big race, or the biggest race in the country I should say. There were a lot of runners including students from various schools and universities. And being the biggest race, most of the participants walked on the first few minutes after the gun start because of the too large crowd.

hubby and me, donning the XL milo shirt (nice! haha!)

At first, hubby & I planned that we will be running together, meaning he has to slow down and run with my pace. But after reaching 1.5k, I started to feel tired and was already catching my breath so I have to pause and walk for a while. From that time, I had to alternate running and walking so I told H to just go ahead as he seemed bored with my pace. He agreed and he told me that he'll just wait for me at the finish line. After almost an hour, (or so I thought) I reached the finish line and got a certificate. I didn't find H there so I decided to just avail some of the freebies like the Nestle water and the cold milo first. 30 minutes have gone, and I still couldn't find H, Nec and Mike. I've already tried different strategies to be able to find them but still no luck so I decided to go to the parking area and just wait there. Luckily after a few minutes, H arrived, what a relief!

Anyhoo it was still fun albeit the super crowded race, the scorching heat of the sun, and the endless time I spent alone looking for my H and friends.

We had our post-run breakfast again at Mcdo, but this time it was with our married friends. Will I join again next year? I think so.. but probably it would be the 10k category na (yabang noh!)


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