26 months

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The little one turned 26 months and here are some updates :)

...He can now recite "Angel of God" prayer but not all words are clear yet.

...He knows more colors like yellow, green, white, blue, red..

...He likes to ask questions and answer himself. For example, while holding a blue toy, he'll ask "What colour dit it (is this)?" and answer himself, "Blue!"

...He also likes to ask us questions and will commend us for answering correctly. Like this,
Jared: "Mami, anong shape ito?"
Me: "Square"
Jared: "Very good!"

...When he sees me on the computer, he likes to play "googling images". He would always say "mami, hanap ng kangaroo" and I would go to google images and search for those animals and things..

...He knows how to make drama na. He would make himself cry and then check slowly if you're looking at him! haha!

...He can walk up the stairs by placing both feet on a step and his both hands on the next step. He can't do the foot 1 at step 1 and foot 2 at step 2 yet..


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