10 signs you're getting old

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1. Your friends' status in facebook/friendster have gone from 'single' to 'married', some even uploading even their babies pictures. And your baby's photo is always on your primary photo.

2. The clothes you've put away until they come back in style... have come back in style.

3. You meet your friends from time to time, talking about the good old days, repeating again and again all funny stories you have experienced together.

4. Your idea of a night out is now the dinner-and-coffee kind.

5. Your friends are married. (and having children!)

6. You are always surprised to see small children playing comfortably with computers.

7. You rely more on your cell phone’s reminder feature than your good old memory.

8. You can relate to the series Desperate Housewives more than the Gossip Girl.

9. You know more of those nursery rhymes than the current songs playing on the radio.

10. You cannot see your feet when you are standing... haha!!

And you know you're old when you read this post, and start thinking how true all of this is... ;p

OK, these are all me :)


scrapgurl14 said...

Not quite... just yet.

Jenny said...

good for you cel! :)

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