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Monday, January 11, 2010

It was Jared's first day at play school last weekend. We enrolled him to develop his social skills by interacting with classmates and teachers and also to give him the idea of how it is going to school. We chose the MSA play school in SM Fairview as it was the most accessible and the only one that has that play camp thing. Unfortunately, he has only 2 classmates and were both girls.

At first, he was so shy, really shy - he wasn't talking or even answering to his teacher's questions. But after a while he somehow got the hang of it, I saw him talking and playing with the 2 girls. We cannot hear them because we're outside the classroom but good thing the dividers are made up of glass so we can still watch them. Their activities were reading a book, doing some artwork, coloring, and learning the red color and the circle shape.

And while Jared was in his class, we sneaked out for a while to try the 6 minute video in 4D which was also located inside the mall. We chose the roller coaster video which was good and feels close to riding a roller coaster. Perfect for my hubby :)


Lynnette said...

nice play school! how often does he go there and how long does he stay?

Jenny said...

Hi Lynnette! There are 15 sessions but we only enrolled him for 5 sessions since we are still testing the water :) He goes there every Tue, Thu and Sat for 1 1/2 hour per session.

Prathima Trellis said...

Came across this one. Thank you so much for your post.
How to Start Play School

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