On getting fit

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The main reason we got into running was to get in better shape or just be fit and healthy. But for this year, I noticed that most of the race organizers have increased the registration fee into almost twice the previous fees. So now, we will only choose the worthy races to join and maybe join as bandit runners (haha!) But good thing, we went back on playing our previous sport, the Badminton.

Badminton became the most popular sport in the Philippines for some time. Badminton courts have sprouted all over the metro and everyone got hold of their own rackets. But today, I think, running has overthrown the said sport. So many people got into running and joining marathons. And I think, because of that, those race organizers decided to increase their fees, talk about law of supply and demand..

Good thing, my friends Flory and Cel invited us to play badminton again. It was really fun and exhausting too. I hope we'll be doing this on a weekly basis :)


K said...

nakaktuwa kau ni hubby mo...promise. :) u make a happy couple.

Jenny said...

uy tlg? hehe! thanks Tats! :)

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