My first 3K

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yes, I joined a marathon and had my first 3km race and now, I am officially a running mommy :)
We went to Mckinley hill this morning to join the Earth Run with H, Cel & Ivan. We just met up with Sandra and her folks at the site. It was our first race and we are all so unprepared. The race should start at 5:30AM and we arrive at that same time (assembly time is 5AM) but good thing the start time was delayed for some reasons or maybe because of the rain. It was then rescheduled at 6AM, lucky us! So we still had time to register, get our singlet and take our one and only picture in the field.

Originally, we registered for 5k but at the time we registered, the 5k category was already filled up so we had to choose between 3k and 16k. And since we're not yet out of our minds, we chose the 3k :) It was a good thing that we got the 3k category as it was our first time to run. We didn't even have some training before joining the race. My plan was to really finish the run even if I would be the last in line. I was exhausting when I reached the first half but when we got to the water station I was instantly energized. We all finished the run and all 3k finishers got some giveaways: a bottled water, healthy tea, sachet of lotion, pouch and a certificate.

It was so nice to finish a race. H really enjoyed it (the running while it's raining) and wanted to do it again next Sunday but we can't since we have a baptism to attend on. We will definitely join next time, maybe on June 14.

And of course, we had a post-run breakfast at Mcdo with the gang.


Sandra Yu said...

Jen sa uulitin..takbo ever tayo..kakapagod pero enjoy naman..

Jenny said...

surely! kitakits this sunday ha! :)

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