Dentist day

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yesterday was Jared's second visit to his dentist and he had the same reaction as to his first. The dentist checked his teeth very quickly and applied fluoride varnish in all his teeth. She said that there are 4 more teeth to come out at his age now and the next set will pop out on his 6th year.

But before that moment, we spent some time in the playroom while waiting for his turn. That moment was the one he really enjoyed. He played on the little slide, the shape sorter and browsed some books. But he still didn't know the concept of sharing. When another kid came, he would drag all the toys at his side so that he can play with it alone. He would cry if someone touches "his" toys. I hope he learns to share soon..


Lynnette said...

wow, twice na syang nakapag dental check up! si Zach hindi pa. kasi sabi ng doctor nya wag daw muna, pag 3 yrs old na lang daw sya. so hanggang tooth brush na lang sya muna :)

Jenny said...

yup, kasi every 6 months daw yung fluoride varnish

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