Valentines and a Birthday

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb 14 is the day when people celebrate Hearts day or Valentine’s day. And Valentine's day happened to be my MIL's birthday so we are celebrating 2 occasions in a day. She just turned 57. MIL and umpe and the rest of the gang (the cooking divas) prepared lots of dishes. They were so busy cooking all day while H and I were busy running after Jared. Jared was so active as ever that afternoon because he’s with Borris, a 6-yr-old kid who’s the cousin of Ryan which makes him Jared’s uncle (cool huh!). The candle blowing ceremony became a real hit. Jared was really excited to blow the candle which was obviously not his birthday candle but he insisted so what can we do. Then it’s mama’s turn to blow the candle again but Jared joined her so MIL didn’t have a solo pic for that ceremony. After their turn, our neighbor Sid, also a toddler, got envious and wanted to blow the candle too. I didn’t know that candle blowing would be such a hit for kids. Too bad, my mom was not able to come because of her flu. Anyways, Happy Birthday mama! :)

left: Jared with Borris, right: Jared with Sid


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