Lunch with the newlyweds

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Went to Greenhills Shopping center yesterday to meet some of our relatives in Nueva Ecija and of course the newlyweds, Ate Beth and Kuya Jake. We had a hard time thinking of a place to eat while we're on our way. My mom said that Ate Beth’s husband requested to dine in a resto that serves steaks. So when we arrived at the mall, we headed straight to the Promenade where a lot of restaurants are located. The first resto that we saw which serves steak was Burgoo and then we decided right away because it’s so hard to walk some more when you are carrying a toddler in your arms. Jared was sleeping at that time and we forgot to bring his stroller so I had to carry him on the way to the resto. While we’re in the middle of our lunch, Jared woke up and immediately showed us a big smile. It's like he said hello to everyone in the table. Thanks to the crayons and paper in the table, I had the pleasure to eat freely because Jared got so busy using them.


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