21 months

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jared turned 21 months on Feb. 12. The cake is not his celebration cake, he loves to blow a birthday candle so we let him and I took the chance to snap a photo for this post. He still doesn't know how to really blow, but he was able to blew off the candle when he suddenly sneezed :)
Here are some updates..

...He starts to use more than 1 word in his 'conversation'. His conversation skill is amazing. He mimics us like a parrot and catches on real fast.

...His naptime is now okay. Sleeps at 1 and wakes up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

...He's trying to jump. Will bend his knees and push himself up but his legs don’t leave the ground.

...He can recognize all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0-10.

...He's still as active as ever, he won't sit still for even a few seconds.

...He's shown more interest in watching videos specially the Baby Einstein. His favorite was the World Animals. One part of me is unhappy because there's a tendency that it might lead to TV addiction, and yet another part of me is kind of glad because he learns from it and gives us time to relax a bit while he watches TV.

...He loves the "point and say", - point to the objects in picture books and name them. He can name almost all the things in his picture books.

Happy 21 months cutie!


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