Today would have been

Thursday, February 19, 2009 father's 56th birthday. He's been gone for 2 years now but his birthday is something I always remember and I still miss him very much. He passed away when Jared was only 2 weeks old and my heart still aches when I remember that moment. Although he lived a short 54 years, I believe he lived them well and I am very proud of him.

Happy birthday, Daddy. I really thank God for giving me a father like you. I'm so lucky to grow up with someone who loved me as much as you did. Even though you're not here anymore, I know you're always there watching us over. I always find myself wanting to share my memories of you with everyone. I guess it's my way of keeping you alive. Thank you for the 26 years that I have spent with you and for giving me such a great life. I love you daddy..


scrapgurl said...

You are very lucky to have had such a dad Jenny...

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