Pampers World Tour Event

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We went to Trinoma after Jared’s dental visit. Since we still have to wait for more than an hour before we can have our lunch, we decided to try and join the pampers event at the Trinoma Activity Center.

Pampers World is a global event that aims to help parents experience the stages of development through their baby’s eyes. The tour consists of the 3 stages of development: New Baby, Active Baby, and Easy Ups. The first room is all about the New Baby stage. It has 2 giant cribs and 2 blurred mirrors where participants can try to experience what a baby feels and sees in their early days.

The second is the Active Baby Stage. We were not able to listen to the speaker because we were so busy taking pictures (bad, bad, bad..)

I got to try the giant walker while Ryan got to walk with the giant mommy. Cool! :)

Third and last stage is the Easy Ups stage or the toddlers stage. There are grown-up stuffs here like shoes, clothes, pen and paper because these are usually the things that toddlers like to try on to.

We got some freebies at the end of the tour and were able to take a pic with Pampa, the baby elephant mascot.

After the tour, we went to Aveneto Pizzeria and had lunch. We were all soooo hungry.


scrapgurl said...

Wow mom na mom and dad na dad na talaga!

Jenny said...

syempre naman :) hehe!

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