My toddler ate a kisses chocolate wrapper

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Saturday, we were eating Hershey’s chocolate kisses. We didn’t notice that my toddler, Jared, was also eating, not the chocolate but the wrapper. His nanny caught him chewing it and he wouldn’t let us get it out of his mouth. Ryan forced him to open his mouth then I tried to get it but suddenly we heard him swallow, and then it’s gone. We checked how much did he eat and I think it’s around ¼ of the wrapper of a single Hershey’s kiss. We texted his doctor immediately but for some reason we got no reply. Maybe there’s a problem with the signal since we were in Nueva Ecija at that time. Anyway, we just decided to check his diaper for 2 consecutive days to see if he will pass it in his stool. If not, we’ll bring him to the doctor.

Luckily, just a while ago, we checked his stool and it was there. Thank God!


scrapgurl said...

Now I'm not sure if I'm gonna be happy that it eventually came out or be grossed out thinking that you rummaged over the stool. LOL!

Lynnette said...

whoah! it came out just 2 days after?! i will be scared too if I were you, glad it came out without doing a damage. It's not easy to watch everything our toddlers do... sometimes I catch Zach chewing a piece of bread that was stucked in the corner of his high chair for like a week already! He also loves to share his food with Chris, our dog!

Jenny said...

to scrapgurl: hehe! I did it! Ryan can't even watch while I'm doing it. What kind of father is that? hmp!

to lynnette: Yes, I think that's the process.. what he eats today will come out day after tomorrow. oops is that 2 days? It's hard to always watch our toddlers but personally, I think it's a must to avoid these incidents. Btw, regards to Chris :)

Lynnette said...

Zach's metabolism is different, one day transit lang! hehe :) yesterday, he ate spinach omelette... I changed his nappy kanina, it was all green!!! :) LOL!

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