Fish & Co. Seafood in a Pan

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Uncle Ben and his family from Cebu came here in Manila yesterday. We met up with them and had dinner in Fish & Co. at Greenbelt 3.
While we were busy looking at the menu, Jared was also busy playing in the kiddie area of the restaurant.

We started with the yummy Pasta & Shrimp Salad. These are shrimps & chilled spaghetti in sesame mayonnaise. Then the Seafood Platter for 2 which is actually good for 3-4, I think. It’s a platter of seasonal fish, calamari, prawns & mussels in creamy garlic & lemon butter sauce. Then the Grilled Porkchop Basilico which I did not like as the meat was kind of stiff. We also had the Grilled Chicken Peri-Peri which is just okay, the Grilled Seasonal Fish (Cream Dory fish) and last but not the least, The Best Fish & Chips in Town – fried, topped with lemon butter & served with chips. For the drinks, I loved the bottomless Strawberry Lemonade which unfortunately was not the one I ordered. I just had a sip on Ryan’s drink. It’s not for sharing so I made sure no one’s looking.. *wink* Too bad, I was not able to take pictures of the dishes.
All in all, food was good but I think the prices were too expensive than they deserved to be. Almost all of the dishes cost at least 400 and yet the serving is just good for 1-2. Good thing my mom was the one who paid the bill. :) Thanks mommy!


scrapgurl said...

I didn't know they have a kiddie area at Fish & Co. It's like Jared had the entire area for himself! =) Don't like the food at Fish & Co...

Jenny said...

Really? I liked the food though.. anyway, we always have different tastes.. :)

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